Ane Brun / Linnea Olsson

The Temple in the HMV Institute, Birmingham on Thursday 10 November 2011

A beautifully intimate venue at the top of the HMV Institute played host to Ane Brun on the 10th November. Having waited an hour and a half and getting a little frustrated, the support act, Linnea Olsson came onto the stage. I honestly couldn't be bothered with listening to a support act after having to wait so long. BUT, yes there is a BUT. Armed with just a cello, she opened with 'The Ocean' and I honestly can't understand how she could create such stunning music with just a cello. I felt bad for being annoyed at having to listen to her. I'm ashamed of myself! She was remarkable. That is all that needs to be said.

I first heard of Ane Brun when she was supporting Peter Gabriel on his 'New Blood' tour. Originally from Norway, yet living in Sweden, Brun hailed herself 'Sworigen' and has released 8 albums to date, touring with the current album, 'It All Starts With One'.

Ane Brun took to the stage just after 9pm and the waiting was worth it. Joined by her support act on cello, vocals and bass guitar, Brun had two drummers and two keyboardist. Her music is so focused, has a clear direction and her voice was and is hauntingly beautiful. She takes a song and turns it into a piece of artwork which may seem cheesy but it is a fact. Brun displays this fragile and refined image and then she belts out this voice which sends shudders down your spine as it feels almost deceptive. Brun builds her music on these emotions which creates a new dimension for the audience to delve into.

Brun played 'The Puzzle', in her words, "An oldie but a goodie" and it was more than a goodie. This is the song which first attracted me to Ane Brun when I originally saw her live and it made me feel as though I was seeing her for the first time again. Mouth open, questioning what I was listening too.

Again, as I always seem to be note, there is that one drunk idiot shouting during the set and trying to get Brun's attention which she easily ignored to carry on her set. Why do people feel the need to get drunk at gigs?! Answers on a postcard please. Brun appeared genuinely gracious as the packed 'Temple' pushed closer to the stage as she reeled in the crowd. She appeals to people because she is humble, adores her music and the feeling of playing to a crowd who are enchanted by her.

Brun's set included 'What's Happening With You and Him', Balloon Ranger' and the hypnotic 'Worship' which added to the wonderment of her set, especially alongside her quirky dance and attire. 'Do You Remember' was a fantastic upbeat song which was the first single taken from this new album. 'Do You Remember' brought all the best parts of the night together with huge drums beats, electrifying melodies and Brun's sensational voice. Brun left her band on the stage for an extended ending which teased the audience who clearly wanted more and were relentless in showing this.

Brun's finale saw her perform 'Changing of the Seasons' and 'The Light From One' and each lyric was more poignant than the last, "...I'll need both my hands to hold my own.." It seemed like the perfect ending to the show. There needs to be more UK artists who are as different and willing to be different by staying away from the mainstream. Brun held her own incredibly and the 'Sworigen' will continue to do so for many years.

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article by: Hayley Edwards

published: 14/11/2011 09:22

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