Jill Jackson

The Ferry, Glasgow on Sunday 29 May 2011

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A five hour trek up to Glasgow for the Bank Holiday was on the cards after finding out the very talented Glaswegian songbird Jill Jackson [Ex Speedway] was playing an intimate gig at The Ferry.

Never been to Glasgow before, only drove through the city last year, after previously being in Dundee. I had the best surprise ever, as the city is absolutely breathtaking, so much culture, museums galore and the people are so friendly it's untrue.

Jill Jackson

The Ferry is a small venue, obviously a floating concert venue and eatery, I wasn't much looking forward to seeing the show for one reason and one reason only, I get travel sick, which involves any slight motion and going as white as Casper the friendly ghost, so being on a boat in high winds wasn't what I had anticipated on a wet and windy bank holiday evening in Glasgow.

The venue was quite small, two floors, the balcony over saw the stage and people could eat their meals whilst watching the gig. People crammed in the venue wall-wall, if you're a Jill Jackson fan you'll know she has a strong Lesbian following and tonight didn't disappoint, wall-wall lesbians, with a few straight people thrown in to the mix for good measure.

Ms Jackson was supported by little Known band Tiny Tin Soldiers but minus every other member except the vocalist. I must admit of never hearing of them, ashamed I am: But the guy didn't disappoint, with a voice similar to Jon Bon Jovi, very gravely in parts and an absolute dream to listen to, the set was over too quickly for my liking, especially as I could've listened to him sing for an eternity. Stupidly never got a copy of the album, which should be a must on anyone's list.

Everyone was waiting for Ms Jackson's appearance, cameras and phones at the ready to record every breathtaking word and moment. Everyone jostled for positions to get as close to the stage as possible, if she breathed you could feel the breath on your face.

A 14 song set ensued and got off to a blistering pace with 'End of the Line', 'Heart of Mine' and Jackson's anthemic 'Grasshopper', an absolutely beautiful song and just peachy to hear live.

Jill Jackson

The set gathered pace with punchy 'Long Way Round', 'Tongue Tied' and 'Wanted' with a Culture Club classic, 'Karma Chameleon', thrown in for good measure. Jackson was absolutely on fire and loving every minute of the gig saying she loved hometown gigs as they were special. Devout fans of Jackson had travelled as far a field as from Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds to see the show tonight and she paid tribute to these fans, which was a nice touch.

Jackson fans are loyal and call themselves 'Team Jackson' this was evident on the night, the first few rows were mouthing every single word of every single song, I was laughing at some points cause they were all mesmerised like a cobra rising out of his basket at the snake charmer's command. Totally and utterly in love with the talented Ms Jackson and you can see why.

'Back to Zero' Jackson's album is a must in any record collection, she is so underrated as an artist it's untrue. You would've thought someone with such talent and song writing prowess would be splashed all over the music press and being given continuous airplay on commercial radio stations, but not so in Ms Jackson's case. You need to see her to believe how good she is, the EP's and albums she's released don't do her justice live, this is my second time seeing her and she absolutely blew me away.

'Mocking Bird', 'Wreck' and the Beautiful 'Song for John' were up next, Jackson was on a roll, her band gelled well, she was backed by a keyboardist, Bass Guitarist, who himself was an accomplished musician and had only picked up the bass that day to help Ms Jackson out. Drums and percussion were provided by the ever so talented Lisa Tring. The gig was just one big Scottish party and if this is how the Scottish have a party I could join in every week, if I was invited.

Jackson made a point of saying her Mom was in the audience tonight and that she loved 'Lesbians', made me laugh. She dedicated a song to her mom which tugged at the heart strings and bought a tear to the eye, just made me think of family life and how lucky I am to have a supporting partner.

'Half Way Home' and 'Over and Done' were up next, the audience just lapped every song up and wanted even more. Last song of the set was 'Aisha's Car', I couldn't believe how quick the night had flown by, Jackson and her team dashed off stage to be followed by loud clapping, screaming, shouting and just plain heckling.

Jill Jackson

The thing that always amazes me at gigs is why people pay the ticket price for 90 mins of pure bliss to watch their favourite artist, only to stand there for the whole duration with a camera in the air and record the whole damn thing. Beggars beyond belief.

Jackson and band back on stage for the encore, the audience were going ballistic. Chords of kick ass 'Get My Love' up next and last song of the night was a new composition which Jackson said hadn't been played before as it had only been written a few days before. 'My Friend' didn't disappoint, it was an absolute joy to listen to and was a definite keeper and maybe a future track to be included on Jackson's new album when it's recorded. I absolutely loved it and I wasn't alone as every single pair of hands was clapping at the end of the song, Jackson was accompanied only by the keyboard and Tring/Bassist on backing vocals, absolutely pure class.

Talent oozes out of this women shame no one else realises it. I am making hay whilst the sun shines, and before every other journo realises that Jackson is the real deal and they jump of the Jackson bandwagon.

Jackson can be seen throughout the summer at various festivals including GOGO Festival in June. Don't be a square; check this wonderfully talented lady out, if not 'Back to Zero' needs to be a welcome addition to your record collection.

Jill Jackson

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article by: Michelle Owen-Williams

photos by: Michelle Owen-Williams

published: 01/06/2011 20:30