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the new album, influences, going solo, and getting back out on the road on Tue 29th Mar 2011

To celebrate the release of a new album 'Lifelines' Andrea Corr is heading out on the road 'solo' with four exclusive dates to showcase the material. eGigs caught up with Andrea to chat about the new album and the tour:

How does this album differ from your previous album 'Ten Feet High'?
Well, obviously, this album is completely different than 'Ten Feet High'. I wrote 'Ten Feet High' whereas this is an album made up of songs that have inspired me ..., that I have loved over my lifetime and still love.

Why did you decide to release 'Lifelines' rather than release an album of your own material?
I haven't made another album of my own material yet and, to be honest, I didn't plan on making any album. I had stepped out of music until a time where I felt I would be enthusiastic and passionate about it again. I did other things . Acting ....took French lessons etc . Then I took part in a tribute song to the late Ronnie Drew wherein I worked with John Reynolds. He was very keen to work with me and to record my voice in particular. He suggested covering old songs. First of all I thought, "no, I just do my own music" and later I thought "why not? What a joy to just sing songs that were pivotal moments in your life". We did Daniel Johnston's 'Some Things Last A Long Time' and the album had begun. No decision. John brought me back to music and singing these songs has absolutely re-enthused me. Now I find have written a lot... perhaps for another record in the future.

If you could pick a song off 'Lifelines', that held a special meaning to you which one would it be and why?
All the songs are special to me. Each one for a different reason. That's the point of the record. I thought about the most frequent and flattering thing a person can say to a songwriter... which is "your song helped me through" something or "I fell in love"/"was heartbroken etc to your song", and made a record of the songs that were those poignant moments in my life .

What was it like working with John Reynolds and having co-production of several of the tracks on the album done by Brian Eno?
Working with John Reynolds was a truly happy and very liberating experience. He loves music so much and has such a sense of appreciation to be allowed to do this as a job that it's contagious. In his studio, all you think about is the music and nothing else and for him the vocal reigns supreme. I felt very free to just sing my heart out and feel it all. He is very special.

I love what Brian has done on the record. He loves vocals too and his layering of harmonies on both state of independence and pale blue eyes are, to me, so thrilling . When we first went to him talking of this project he showed such a boyish enthusiasm for music that surprised me and inspired me . The fact that he has maintained that almost teenage passion for records while working for so long is incredible and maybe the secret to his brilliance .

What's it going to be like going back out on the road showcasing the new album?
I'm looking forward to going out and playing this album live. The record is so organic that, I feel, it wants to be played. Having already rehearsed with the band I am excited.

Since the demise of The Corrs in 2005 you've dabbled in acting quite a bit, would you consider going down the acting route permanently?
There was no 'demise' of the Corrs . We are just doing individual things with our lives right now. I love acting, particularly theatre but I feel blessed I can do both at the moment. I feel they very much compliment each other.

With The Corrs you filled stadiums so, how are you going to feel playing quite small intimate shows?
Again, I'm excited about playing small intimate shows. Playing Jane Eyre, to just under four hundred people every night, I felt how special a small theatre performance can be. Each person in the room is part of the energy and it makes each night unique. Though I have loved playing stadiums with the Corrs, that energy obviously gets a little diluted. With intimate shows it can be like every single person, audience and performers, are having a secret amazing time and then walk out into the night a little more alive and with a sense you have really experienced something . That's the kind of gig I love and aspire to do.

Who would you say have been the biggest influences in your career/life and why?
I suppose the biggest influences in my career have been my parents. They had such a love of music that they stepped out of their time and encouraged their children to fulfil their passion i.e. not to go and get a proper job!

You've announced four small intimate shows to showcase the album, will there be another tour in the pipeline once the album has been released?
We will see how it goes. I'm not a great planner so I'm just trying to take it a day at a time.

What's it like being a solo artist and not having the rest of your siblings around on stage or on tour with you?
It's very different being on my own. I miss my family with me. We could always rely on each other, somebody step up if the other is not feeling it etc., and had a great time touring and on stage together . Myself solo I just see as a separate and different thing. That does not mean there is no longer a 'me' with the Corrs.

What does 2011 hold for Andrea Corr?
For 2011 I just want to live, love and deserve to be loved. That's it really!

You can catch Andrea live for the 'Lifelines' Tour: Sunday 29th May: Birmingham Glee Club
Monday 30th May: Glasgow Oran Moor
Wednesday 1st June: Salford Lowry
Thursday 2nd June: London Union Chapel

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article by: Michelle Owen-Williams

published: 29/03/2011 17:12


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