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lead vocalist Georgey Payne talks to eGigs on Thursday 10 March 2011

Greymatter are a five piece British folk, rock band from the South of England who are building a strong reputation for being engaging live performers. Egigs caught up with the lead vocalist, Georgey Payne for a chat before they head out on the road to Europe and the UK to do the festival circuit.

Could you give me a quick summary of the band i.e. when did it all start for you and where are you now?
Emma and I started working as a duo back in 2001, then we formed Greymatter Ju (Bass) back in 2004. Greymatter now feel we have the perfect team with Jules joining in 2006 and Andi 2 years ago, since then it's all just felt right.

What do you think to be likened by other journo's and the public to other bands/acts like The Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge and Shawn Colvin?
It's lovely to hear comments like that as you can imagine, although funny thing is when people sometimes hear us they can't place us in a category at all, which is where we prefer to be, just that little bit more individual.

You've played Isle of Wight Festival previously and you will be playing L Beach and GoGo Festival this year, what excites you about playing festivals?
If you've ever been to a festival then you'll know, it's just a wicked atmosphere, everyone around each other and messing around, camping, getting all muddy sometimes, chilling out by midnight BBQ's, great music to watch and no one needs to get a cab anywhere, I think that sums it all up!

L Beach and GoGo Festivals are predominantly Gay festivals, does playing this festival differ to say playing Isle Of Wight? i.e. how do the audiences differ and the way that your received?
Yes of course when we play L beach and GoGo we are appealing to a crowd that we can really relate to. The songs I've written are for women who love women, and everyone can relate to that, but lets just say when we played I of W the eyebrows turned up for a few of the lyrics ! but we love any festival, they're just a great laugh.

You began hairdressing in 1998 as a career path, would you go back to a strictly 9-5 job?
9-5 is boring, but you won't find any hairdresser in the UK working these hours, we all work early shifts, late shifts, weekends, but it makes it fun! It's because of my flexi hours that I am able to still work as a hairdresser as well as having a music career.

What inspires you to write songs and once you have an idea how do you construct a song?
Life experiences of my own or other people I meet along the way, that's what I mainly write about. I'm always listening very intently on how people tell me how they feel about something, or a certain situation so I can then when I write a song, hopefully people can really relate to and think that's how feel. When I'm writing, the music for the whole song always comes first, then I listen to the feel of the song and then write lyrics to how the music makes me feel.

You say your influences are Lifehouse, Cherry Ghost, Jewel and Keane to name a few, which artist/band would you say has had the most influence on you and why?
It's a hard one because people always want you to say what bands inspire me to write.. but If I'm honest it's peoples emotions and their situations that inspire me to write more than listening to my favourite bands..

Do you have any superstitions before you go out on stage?
I don't think so only that I'm careful not to fall off the stage or trip up as I'm really clumsey lol!

Will there be another album out soon?
Oh yes we are working nearly every weekend at the moment trying to get our 3rd album finished for the summer hopefully.

You seem to have a pretty strong and loyal fan base: How would you describe Greymatter to new fans?
Well we like to have a lot of fun when we perform, the songs are all about life and about women! The songs have a real emphasis on there being 2 vocalists with lots of harmonies. The songs are all very melodic but can range from a very softly played love song, to harder hitting rockier tune! Any new fan should go to I-tunes and have a listen on there that would give them a better idea.

What does 2011 hold for Greymatter?
Well so far the years have just got better and better, with more and more chances to play at bigger and better venues, with more invites to perform abroad. We're off to Germany again this time to play at L Beach, our 3rd album will be out this year, not to mention the fantastic gigs we've been asked to perform at this year, so far 2011 is looking pretty damn cool for Greymatter!

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article by: Michelle Owen-williams

published: 10/03/2011 14:08

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