eGigs interviews The Invisible

on Wednesday 17 March 2010

eGigs interviewed post indie rockers The Invisible. The Invisible are London-based musicians Dave Okumu, Leo Taylor and Tom Herbert. Their self titled debut album was Mercury Music Prize nominated last year and features the singles 'Monsters Waltz' and 'London Girl'.

How's the tour been going so far?
(Dave) Really well. We played at the Deaf Institute in Manchester last night and that was a fantastic show. With the tour starting on a Monday it feels like it's progressively got better as the weeks gone by, heading up towards the weekend, but all very enjoyable.

Do enjoy the whole 'live experience'?
Absolutely, it's always a great feeling to see people come down to your shows, and to see that people really enjoy your music is a wonderful feeling. Music for us is our outlet, so for other people to get what we're doing is exactly what we wanted to achieve.

You're on tour here at the moment, but you?re off to SXSW next week followed an American tour? Are you looking forward to it? Is it your first time there?
This is the second time we've been to America as The Invisible, but we've all toured their before with our other projects, but yeah we're looking forward to it, it's always nice to get over there to play some shows, we have some time off when we're there too, but that follows playing 2 gigs at SXSW, which should be intense to say the least.

You've all been in other music projects before, how was it that you came together?
Well it originally started as a solo project of mine, as I had all of this music just waiting to be worked on, and Matthew (Herbert - head of Accidental Records) put us together through various connections, and from late 2006, Tom, Leo, and myself have worked on what then became our debut album.

Do you plan to stay working together as The Invisible, or do plan on taking up 'old flames' so to speak? Do you find it difficult to manage your time between other projects?
(Tom) I still work a lot with my other project Polar Bear, and I haven't found it difficult it manage my time. In fact, working in both projects has probably helped me a lot, as each time I return to one of the projects, I come with new ideas and refreshed feeling about the music.

Your album received a nomination for the Mercury Music Prize, how did you feel about the nomination? Was it nice to feel recognized for your efforts?
(Dave) Absolutely, it was a great feeling, one of shock, but still great. There?s a lot of bands each year who deserve to be on the list, who don't make it, but we were one of the lucky ones, and it was definitely nice to be recognised for what we've been able to put together.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
There'll be more touring, and some festivals in the summer, but the main priority this year is to put together another record. We've been playing these songs live for a long time now, so we're looking forward to putting some of our ideas together and recording in the studio later this spring, which is a very refreshing feeling.

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article by: Anthony Hetherington

published: 17/03/2010 10:47

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