the world's first fully ecological night club opens in London

grand opening plays host to The Loose Cannons, and more

news: Thursday 4th September 2008

Surya in Kings Cross, London is the world's first fully sustainable ecological night club, created by the environmentalist Dr. Earth announces its grand opening to the world with its first ever hand crafted club night.

Club 4 Climate, the initiative behind Surya, has put together a handpicked line up that they hope will have the club's unique energy transferring dance floor buzzing all night long.

The dance-floor is made of quartz crystals and utilises cutting edge technology which takes the dancing motion of clubbers and distributes it to all parts of the club and neighbouring buildings, the more people dance the more energy they create.

The club also uses reusable energy sources from wind turbines and solar panels, has decadent recycled decoration, interactive features such as spirit energizing sand beds, and an organic and diverse menu of cocktails and mixers. All that and entrance is FREE for all like minded folk using public transport, environmentally green transportation or people power.

The club's doors will open to a new world of environmentally friendly clubbing on Saturday 20th September from 9pm until 3am with a line-up including Catch23, Blende, Black Grass, and headliners The Loose Cannons.

Club 4 Climate club nights are another way of doing your bit for the environment whilst having a damn good dance.

The Loose Cannons

article by: Scott Williams

photos by: Neil Greenway

published: 04/09/2008 17:31


sorry, we currently have no gigs listed for this act.

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