interview on Thu 26th Jul 2007

eGigs caught up with Canada's electro pop outfit Dragonette to quiz them on their strange world of tampon music, Glastonbury paralysis and the almighty one's punishment for a little self indulgence...

Firstly, what is a dragonette - a female dragon, a baby dragon? or something else entirely?

Well apparently a dragonette is a kind of fish. I didn't know that though at the time of coming up with the word, I thought I made it up. I think Dragonette to me means a big fierce beast with a dainty feminine side. I can relate to that because I like playing dress-up and dancing around like a girl but when it comes down it, I am pretty gross. I belch and fart with the best of them I generally forget to wear deodorant, my nails are filthy and I have a foul mouth. I think I'm mostly beast and partly lady.

Apparently you share management with The Scissor Sisters, do you think you share the same style and influences as well?

I think we share some of the same ideals in terms of making music, being in a band and performing. Having a blast probably fits into both our mandates.

The Canadian's who have made it over here haven't exactly been top rate (Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, etc), do you think you're the band to redress the balance?

Well, now you have Arcade Fire and Feist and Nelly Furtado and Chromeo....well that's it isn't it. I like to think we're all doing our part to fill out that Celine, Bryan Adams, Avril, Shania line-up. Make it look a little better.

You played at Glastonbury Festival this year, the UK's biggest festival, what was that like for you, and did you manage to avoid the mud?

I was crazy to be a part of something so enormous like Glastonbury. It's funny though, cause on our level, being part of something so huge has the effect of making you feel microscopic. The mud put a real damper on things. I saw probably 1/10th as much of the festival as I should have. I just lost the will to roam after a while. I became a bit paralyzed by it all.

Are gig audiences better in the UK or Canada?

Is this a trick question? Will the Queen send me back to the colonies if I say Canada? I don't know. Can I go with Spain?

Your music seems to be quite electro influenced, are you all big fans of the 80's culture too?

We are fan's of 80's music but not more than other eras I'd say. It's funny I don't think of our sound as very 80's but it seems like other people do.

I've read that Martina describes her solo music as tampon music, this is a new concept for us – what does it involve exactly, and can anyone have a go?

It was Dan who first coined the term "Tampon Music". It was used as a studio term when the track or the song we were writing felt overly sensitive and ernest. Like "hey do you think we need to turn down the Tamponics in that section?" Then the term was later broadened (by Dan) to encompass all female singer-songwriters. That happened to include me at the time. I actually think technically I didn't qualify as Tampon music. The best example of tampon music is Dido. That's a fact. No offence D.

You have a wife and husband in the band – who wears the trousers when it comes to musical differences?

I think there is one pair of trousers in the band and we have joint custody of them.

'I Get Around' is a great song - there's no doubt about that, but it only entered the UK charts at 92, why do you think that is?

Because we're not good looking enough? I don't know. I failed math? God saw me masturbating and is punishing the whole band?.... any number of reasons.

What's your plans after the summer festival season comes to an end?

We have plans for a UK tour and then Canada and the US. Be there or be square.

article by: Scott Johnson

published: 26/07/2007 12:23


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