Simian Mobile Disco are playing in your house

Simian Mobile Disco @ Creamfields 2006Tired of travelling all the way to a gig? Why not bring the gig to you?

No it's not some pathetic marketing ploy to convince you to buy the latest HD ready flatscreen television, it's a competition launched by Simian Mobile Disco.

They are offering fans the opportunity to play a DJ set in their own home. All you need is a 'party proof' venue (it could be a club, a bar, a house party, warehouse party, holiday villa (swimming pool optional)), a list of some other DJ's who will be playing, and up to 100 words why you think SMD should play at your house/venue/club/bar etc.

To apply visit the official site here here.

SMD will reply directly to five finalists who will be asked to provide more information on their planned party. SMD will play a two hour set at the winning party on a date to be agreed.

Initial entries by 18th June (when SMD's album is released) and a winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

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article by: Scott Johnson

photos by: Kirsty Umback

published: 16/04/2007 12:57