The Buck Brothers break world record

27 gigs in under 12 hours

Proving that when it comes to excessive gigging the Brits are top of the pile, North London group The Buck Brothers have broken the world record for playing the most amount of gigs ever in 12 hours.

It's a bit of a weird record we know, but the three-piece are ecstatic at beating the record previously held by German group Kansas City back in 2004 (they performed 26 gigs in 12 hours).

The Buck Brothers began on Monday morning (March 5th) in Leicester Square and played in various venues around London in Camden, Soho and Islington before rounding up their tour with another show in Leicester Square last night.

A Guiness Book of Record adjudicator was present to confirm the World Record.

Speaking to the BBC, band member Andy Duke said: “We're absolutely ecstatic. In the face of adversity, I mean everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

"We had to swap bits of the PA system and much more, however we had to make the best of a bad situation.

"It was a real challenge. But we did it. I'm delighted, it's fantastic.

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published: 06/03/2007 12:35

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