Staff List

Here is a list of reviewers and photographers that currently work for eGigs. This page is regularly kept up to date, and was last updated on 10th January 2013.

To contact any members of staff at eGigs, or if you would like to contribute, please email

Scott Williams

Andrew Hogg
Andrew McLaughlin
Andy Pitt
Bryn Russell
Carrie Tang
Chris Mathews
Clare Sinclair
Craig Jones
Dan Davies
Danielle Millea
Denis Gorbatov
Elena Francis
Fiona Madden
Gary Stafford
Greg Forbes
Hayley Edwards
Helen O'Sullivan
James Tayler
Jamie Licence
Jason Richardson
Joe Mercer
Jonathan Haggart
Julie Weston
Louise Henderson
Karen Rennie
Karen Williams
Lawrence Wheeler
Lee Tyrrell
Liam Core
Luke Seagrave
Marie Magowan
Martin Evans
Merlin Alderslade
Mia Hague
Michelle Owen-Williams
Nige Nudds
Paul Barnes
Phil Bull
Richard Potter
Robert Knowles
Ross Gilchrist
Ruari Floyd
Sarah Unsworth
Sean Tizzard
Shelley Hanvey
Steve Collins
Tricia Owen-Williams
Will Tudor
Zelah Williams
Zoe Lawson

published: 14/01/2014 09:42