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National Indoor Arena - Brum

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Hi all.

Went to see Prodigy at the NIA on Friday 25th November and have a few observations about this venue if you have not been yourself.

Getting there: Once you get near Birmingham just follow the signs for City Centre "NIA" and "Canals" - DON'T use the route finder thingy on their website - it's crap!!

Parking: Is good. There is plenty of space in both the car parks (We turned up 10 mins after the first act had started and there where plenty of spaces still. Getting out again is a different matter!! Dont be in a hurry as you will take at least 20 - 30 mins to get out again!! Just roll a 'cigarette' and chill for a bit!!

Getting in: No probs for us. Lots of security and stewards checking tickets and frisking etc.

The Venue itself: Once inside there is a concourse running round the building where you will find the bars, toilets, mechandise stalls etc and the entrances to the upper seating areas and the lower standing area. If you like a drink be prepared for mega queues for the bars!! Took a friend of mine 40 mins to get served once!!

We had tickets for the standing area. This was the best option in my opinion. Felt for the peps up in the seating area - no room to dance or move about!! Downstairs there where two bars in the arena itself - no bottles are allowed, only plastic beakers!! I only drink water at gigs, so this p***ed me off. Couldn't fill my bottle up in the bogs either as everyone was pissing in the sinks - Nice! :rolleyes:

Sound Quality: This is up for debate. Where we were stood - about 3/4 back from the stage, and dead centre the sound was very good. Bass thumped through you and the higher ranges where good too. At one point during Firestarter, the floor was actually bouncing!! Can't comment on what it was like in the seating area, or at the edges etc.

Let me know what you thought of the venue!!

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