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Top five "tribute" bands

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There is a thread on here re top five bands seen live, what about one for the top five tribute bands (we have tribute bands at the veune I promote, Tropic At Ruislip) - be interesting to see what folk think.

For my money I would have (as a fan - nothing else!!!)

1) The Mods

2)The Floyd Effect

3) Dizzy Lizzy

4) AC DC UK (was called touch2much)

5) Who's Who/Rollin Stoned (tie)

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best ones I've seen are (in no particular order)

Aussie Pink Floyd (still the benchmark for tribute acts and rightly so)


Small Fakers

Dopplegangers (saw them back in 1993, don't even know if they're still together, but focussed heavily on the pre-Joshua Tree era which is rare for a U2 tribute)

Limehouse Lizzy

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