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Gloucester Guildhall

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Gloucester Guildhall

See Here

(scroll to the bottom of the page for a link to the November/December pages)

23/11 Delays plus Hal & Pellumair

26/11 Walter Trout and the Radicals Plus Ian Parker

27/11 Richard Herring

28/11 The Rutles

02/12 The Selecter plus guests

03/12 The Damned

04/12 Million Dead

09/12 Zion Train

11/12 The Big Laugh Cafe - Matt Kirshen, Patrick Monaghan + Kitty Flanagan

17/12 Whole Lotta Led

23/12 UK Subs plus Demob + The Vibrators

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The Guildhall has some great shows coming up - at last!

I'm off to:

Milburn - October 25

InMe - October 29

Hayseed Dixie - November 10

Skindred - November 17

And I'm not sure about a Pink Floyd tribute either...

EDIT: Oh, and Turin Brakes on November 20!

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