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top 5 live acts you've seen

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Counting Crows (best atmosphere!)



Incubus/Hundred Reasons

Worst: Bob Dylan (he played songs no one knew and everyone boo-ed him cos he wouldn't do an encore!!)

This is my first post by the way, hello!!

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Green Day - Nottngham Arena - 27th Jan 2005

Manic Street Preachers - Nottingham Arena - 11th december 2004

Kings Of Leon - 21st December 2004 / VFest 2004 (staffs)

The Strokes - V2004

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dockland Arena London - 8th March 2003 / VFest 2003 (staffs)

such good bands.

Kasabian, INme, the Zutons and Idlewild also deserve mentions

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The Hives

Hope of the States

The Music



Wow, only 3 months yet so much has changed.

Keane are no longer on the list, and neither are Faithless. Very difficult to choose between The Hives and The Music as well seeing as how I remembered an act that should have been near or at the top of my orignal list.


1. Hope of the States

(V Festival Staffs 2004, Manchester Academy 1 Oct 2004, Sheffield Leadmill Sep 2004, London Astoria Feb 2005)

Have now seen them 4 times, and they just keep getting better and better. It's not just the music (which on it's own would be awesome) but the whole experience with the projections and the sheer enjoyment they seem to get out of it.

2. Rammstein

(Nottingham Arena Feb 2005)

While Hope of the States were clearly #1, Rammstein only just took number 2 - and that's definitely because of the show. The music's very good, but it's the whole show with the flames and the "acting" that makes them such a good live act.

3. Muse

(V Festival Staffs 2004, Earls Court Dec 2004)

Just missing second, although it's very very tight there. With Muse it's the music that makes the gig, as opposed to the performance as it is Rammstein. Still definitely owrthy of their two recent "Best Live Act" awards.

4. Metallica

(Summer Sanitarium Orlando 2003, Leeds Festival 2003)

This is on here probably more because of what it was than neccesarily for the quality. The chills I got down my spine - both times - when I heard the intro to Ecstacy of the Gold, made me get seriously into seeing live music.

5. The Hives

(Leeds Festival 2004, Sheffield Octagon Sep 04)

Just sneaking it ahead of The Music, who could easily have been here. the Hives just sneak it on performance which basically came down to the antics of Pelle (put your noodles in your pocket) Almqvist, and Nicholas Arson.

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1. Queen -1986

2. Rush - 1990

3. Iron Maiden - 1982

4. Metallica - 1991

5. Levellers - 1992

That's well over a decade since anyone has come close to these acts!

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1. Joint first Mad Caddies and Flogging Molly (just such a fun time)

3. The Living End

4. No Use For A Name

5. Hmm not sure, Green Day, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Thrice, Weezer, Goldfinger, Rise Against, Lagwagon, Offspring...??? I've enjoy so many.

Could all change after Iron Maiden this year.

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i'm gonna feel unique cos my top 3 aint even been mentioned B)

1: The Duke Spirit - Rescue Rooms, Notts April 05

2: Interpol - Rock City, Notts Dec 04 and Octagon, Sheffield 05 (crap venue that!)

3: Millencolin - The Academy, Manchester (what an atmosphere) April 02

4: System of a Down - Ice Arena, Notts - 2002

5: The Rakes - Dot to Dot festival, Rescue Rooms, Notts May 05

special mentions to Cast, my first gig way back in 1996 and 1997. And Metallica, at reading festival 2003, Radio 4 at the dot to dot festival and Chikinki in 2004 at the Social, Notts

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