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It seems the Duff interview is getting some coverage

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The egigs interview with Duff has received some press interest:

Did Slash Lie click

Did Slash Lie About Guitar Hero?

Duff McKagan, Velvet Revolver's and Guns N' Roses former bass player, is a rocking musician whose bass strains range from smooth to rough. But he’s no fan of Guitar Hero. He tells EGigs that the band doesn’t rock out on the game. Weird, since Slash was a big proponent and spokesman for Legends of Rock. Remember when he told Yahoo games, “The first time I played it I was hooked from that moment on, probably like everybody else.” Hooked means you play it a lot right? So who’s lying? Duff or Slash. Compare what Slash said with what Duff says:

”Which of the band is best at Guitar Hero?

I don't think anybody in the band really plays it. I know my wife and my daughters play that thing, but nobody in the band, we're not big video game people, that stuff just came a little bit after we'd come of age. Dave might be a video game guy, I dunno he's a bit electronic.”

;) I like the comment below the article:

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:blink: Nice work! Marketing BS at it's best. Am I the only one (apart from Duff) who doesn't get the appeal of this game.

Well it just seems strange to me that such a politically motivated man as Tom Morello would be privy to such a blatant corporate pay day but, I'm not really shocked at Slash. His lifestyle probably necessitates the need for it. I don't really 'get' the game either, it doesn't have any scope for creativity with the tunes and if someone is constantly using the whammy for points then they're playing a half step too low for the whole tune and it sounds dire!

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