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Have people stopped going out? normal gigs

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The last few gigs we've been to the audience numbers have been low - i was talking to some of the promoters who were scratching their heads. Usually the venues are jumping but all of a sudden it's nose dived! Is this a national phenomena (not for big hyped acts/tours) but your normal run of the mill live gigs. If so is it down to people not going out as beer and fags at home is cheaper and not restricted. Or I've just thought, are students the main core of audiences and all busy studying?

Anyone else noticing this happening?

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I was told that Colin McIntyre (Mull Historical Society) got a very small turn-out in Dundee, and so did Cord a few months back. People turn out for local bands which is good, but some of the big names aren't getting the crowds they should.

I don't think that it's beer or fags - it's that with the gig being so popular and there being so many, people can't always afford to go to them all, so some suffer. It's always the smarter non-NME indie bands like Idlewild, MHS that suffer as they don't have the hype.

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