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The perils of promoting!

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Saturday night seemed to be going reasonably well with the soundchecks done. All the bands were happy and we were ready to roll.

The numbers didn't seem to be as high as previous occasions, but there could have been a last minute rush, but then with 5 minutes to go to the first band the landlord came and had a word. "we have a little problem" he said. I thought it would be just that there were too many under agers trying to get in so "the sound engineer has walked out on me, taking his team with him" came as a bombshell.

From then on it was sod's law. The first band went ok, but the bassist was over pissed and dominating the banter, which led to some embarrassing silences. The second band were beset bysound problems and wouldn't start until it was right, eventually their guitarist heading to the mixing desk to twiddle knobs to his satisfaction, as the landlord battled manfully on to get it right.

Then the final band's amp blew, delaying their set by ten minutes. the numbers never got over 40, well down on previous nights, and because we'd taken the slot last minute, I was the only one of our regular trio available, so I was doing all the dj'ing and couldn't deal with any problems between bands.

This also meant that the bands had to be trusted with the key to the storage room, and my night was capped beautifully when I got back there to find my bag and it's contents strewn across the floor. Luckily there was nothing of value in there.

We lost £50 on the night, which we thought we'd saved with no sound guy to pay, but the landlord took it to pay his staff. And i was driving so couldn't have a drink!

Still can't wait for the next one though! I'll try to remember making the girls scream by playing the record they wanted and take that positive thought with me!

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