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NEED HELP! Swans Live

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Hi, I'm looking for a person/people who could do something which would mean the metaphorical world to me.
My friend and I have tickets for Swans on the 13th October; I'm so excited to see them!
Last night browsing See Tickets I saw that Damo Suzuki (lead singer of the band Can) is playing so I grabbed tickets fast only to see after that he is also playing on the 13th...
Is there anyone with tickets for Swans on the 14th who would be happy swapping with our tickets (1 or 2, it would be great to go with my friend if possible) for the 13th.
I'll make my way to wherever you are and do the physical swap; it would be amazing if someone could help out. Even if you know anyone else who is going, I know it's my fault but it'd be a big favour.
Thanks so much,

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