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  1. TalkShowBob

    Smoking in Venues

    Im looking foward too it. It really annoys me, as everyone else has pointed out, having to dodge lit fags all around the place. And the smells sucks too. Though it depends on the band i can see a lot of the hevery shows with livlery pits starting to absolutly stink. The smell of the pit at Reading (and the smell of the bit just outside the arena) sometimes makes me gag and i can see it getting to a simmilar level if theres no fag smoke to cover up the smell.
  2. TalkShowBob

    The Polyphonic Spree

    There amazing. One of the best bands ive ever seen live. Ive only seen them at festivals (want to go and see an actul show of theres) but at reading i lost my mates in the croud (i went too far forwards and i think they pissed off thinking id gone mad). It was amazing the buzz was increadble. At the end this huge sweaty man came up and hugged me, seemed some how to sum up the whole show. I preceded to go and reenforce my mates view by going back to my campsite and banging on about them whelst drunk for the rest of the night.
  3. TalkShowBob


    Whats it like? I dont think ive ever heard of a show being on there befoer is it somewhere renamed or is it a new place?
  4. TalkShowBob

    Ticket Stubs

    I try and keep them with my festival wristbands but i stupidly lost half my collecting recently (well last year). Ive had the ticket stub for Emanual Jal for a good 5 months or so in my walet now too! (though it was a really good show with some good memories for me (personal and of the man) makes me smile when i open my walet (even though its normaly empty bar that).
  5. TalkShowBob

    pagan wanderer LU

    If ur in aber on the 11th of march (sat) then this will be well worth going to see its in the coops. Heres his myspace: http://www.myspace.com/paganwandererlu (our new hospital being the best song on there imo). Go check him out.
  6. TalkShowBob

    emmanuel jal (hiphop) Aberystwyth

    Emmanuel Jal (http://www.emmanueljal.net/) is playing at The Bay on Monday, well worht a look and supporting a good cause. Heres the info on it: Emmanuel Jal visits Aber Ex-child soldier and hip hop artist At 9pm, Monday 14th November, AberAmnesty invites you to a night of African hip hop in the Bay with critically acclaimed Live 8 star Emmanuel Jal. Emmanuel will also be giving a public talk for Amnesty International on his experiences as a child soldier in Sudan (time and venue to be confirmed). (If you want to know about that PM me and ill finde out for you). Tickets are available at £3 from the Aber Uni Union Shop, Union Bar and Andy's Records.
  7. TalkShowBob

    Happy Mondays

    lol i guess it is a given.
  8. TalkShowBob

    Biggest live disappointments?

    Red Hot Chillie Peppers, Reading 99. Most dissapointing band ive ever seen. Also totaly showed up by the offspring who pulled one of the best sets ive ever seen (though ive never seen them match it again).
  9. TalkShowBob

    Happy Mondays

    I saw an interview with them on one of those sunday morning shows, possibly SMTV or someting and sean was totaly off his face, was hallerous.
  10. TalkShowBob

    Drop Beats Not Bombs

    I saw this on efestivals (this sites festival alter-ego for those who dont know) and thort it might be intresting for people on here. Its only £5 in birmingham so easy to get to and looks good....
  11. TalkShowBob

    Grandmaster Flash

    Anyone Go? I dont normaly think much of the Art Center as a venu for music (the room is somehow the wrong shape) but they pulled it off this time. Authough maybe that was just because it was the grandmaster and it would be very hard not to. Even the warm up DJs were pritty good. And i can conclusivly say Granmaster Flash (Even if he cant say the word Aberystwyth very well) certanly can work a crowed!
  12. TalkShowBob


    lol thats one of the worst puns ive seen all week
  13. TalkShowBob

    Earls Court

    whell were on the subject how big is ULU?
  14. TalkShowBob


    yeah i saw yoda, he was good, he played the arts center tho not the SU
  15. TalkShowBob


    yeah were south east, (when im there) defiantly not london, were half an hour away! (tho Reading wishes it was a London Bourogh) were nearer midlands than SW as well. we vote for SE in the euro elections and were in the thems vally...