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  1. Therapy? at the Wolves Civic Hall in 95? 96? Opened with "Stop it You're Killing Me", into "Trigger Inside". Not a dull moment and highlights included "Teethgrinder", "Totally Random Man". Ended on "Screamager", then encored opening with "Turn" as I remember, into "Nausea" and ended with "Nowhere" I think. Great venue. Great band. Great setlist. Pure class.
  2. pogal


    Will do! Looking forward to it.
  3. pogal


    I've not caught them before but am off to the Guildhall in Gloucester this time round... Expecting good things actually, going on word of mouth.
  4. Indeed, I remember the Bierkeller being good when I was younger, but recently I;ve only been to the Academy and Colston Hall - and I know which one I'd choose out of those!
  5. The Guildhall has some great shows coming up - at last! I'm off to: Milburn - October 25 InMe - October 29 Hayseed Dixie - November 10 Skindred - November 17 And I'm not sure about a Pink Floyd tribute either... EDIT: Oh, and Turin Brakes on November 20!
  6. I'm not sure whether to see The Hamsters in Stroud or not... Recommendations?
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