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  1. Where's your profile photo?

  2. Ahhh, is that what the problem is. I've spent the whole of today completely foxed by that - hitting my laptop and searching for updates for firefox. The thing I cant get is the menus. Which is annoying. It works for Internet Explorer though.
  3. Hi, Welcome to the site. Where did you hear about eGigs? You can post a PM message by clicking on the members name (the underlined name to the left of this post, just above my avatar) you want to send the message to. This brings up that members profile. Towards the bottom right hand corner it says 'Send a personal message'. Click on that and you're away! Hope that helps. Scott
  4. I think a tickets forum would be a very good idea - it would boost the popularity of the site because a lot of people probably come here just looking for tickets.
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