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    New Year's celebrations?

    What's everyone doing for hogmanay this year? Anyone going to any New Year's gigs in Scotland?
  2. speedyscott

    Best Music Venue in Bristol

    Just wandering where everyone thinks is the best music venue in Brizzle...?
  3. speedyscott

    Best Venue in Glasgow

    Just wandering - if anybody cares?? Cos I do.
  4. speedyscott

    Smoking in Venues

    I don't think I could go to an english gig now. I've got so used to the no smoking policy that operates in Scotland. I really thought I'd miss the vibe you get in dark smokey venues but thats just not the case. I wondered what everyone else thinks about smoking in venues?
  5. speedyscott

    AB/DC in Glasgow

    Never been to that venue I'm afraid, but the crowds up north seem to be better than those down south so I doubt it'll be a poor gig; if the band is any good that is.
  6. speedyscott

    New Year's celebrations?

    Need to look into it. What's going on?
  7. speedyscott


    Oh no. Just what I wanted to here.
  8. speedyscott

    the eGigs cool list

    Some other music publication has just written their cool list - a er...comprehensive guide to who is cool in the world of UK music - scientifically calculated (of course) and meeting an extremely fair and sensible criteria. As stupid as cool lists are I thought we could do one better....so has anyone got any suggestions for this year's eGigs cool list? How about.....George Michael - he's been in the press a fair bit this year. And the lead singer from Keane - he took drugs and went into rehab, he must be cool! What about Michael Jackson - there's nothing cooler than not being a peadophile. Nominations welcome.....
  9. speedyscott

    Opinions required – Make Model

    Over on our sister site eFestivals, one reviewer has said: "Over on the main stage we have Make Model, from the seemingly never-ending production line of Arcade Fire sound a likes. They just don’t do it for me I’m afraid, the little girl fronting the band just seems to shout aimlessly whenever she feels like it. We've yet to cover them on eGigs, but as we have quite a few reviews of new up and coming Scottish bands, I expect we will soon.
  10. speedyscott

    Isobelle Campbell & Mark Lanegan

    Just been watching some videos of this pair. eGigs has a live review just gone up here too. What's everyone think?
  11. speedyscott

    Mercury Music Prize Nomination

    Don't ask me, just liked them at T.
  12. speedyscott

    When's Scotland going to start producing talent again?

    Not true, the Scot's dooooooo celebrate their best bands - its everyone else that ignores the good uns and loves the crap ones. Good new bands in Scotland at the mo (imo): Futuro Figure 5 The Cinematics God I know theres loads and cant remember. I'll post more for when I do. As for Twilight Sad it was an awful set - I know I didn't have much time to go into much depth with the review but neither the band or the crowd were interested in that one.
  13. speedyscott

    Mercury Music Prize Nomination

    Prefer one of the smaller acts to win. Either New Young Pony Club, Maps, Bat for Lashes, or Basquiat Strings with Seb Rochford (whoever that is!!).
  14. speedyscott

    Ibiza Rocks

    Like it or not mate, the majority of people go to Ibiza to go clubbing, Ibiza Rocks wouldn't even exist without the whole clubbing scene that there is on the island and if you're suggesting it would then you're a far more stupid person than I am. The reason the press is reporting about the clubbing side of the island is because that's why people go there - for the clubs. Even if that wasn't the case in the beginning it certainly is now. I wouldn't call my review art, but I appreciate the compliment. Yup, I've lived in Dorset, and I've lived in Stirling, I've also lived in London, and I now live in Bristol. Your point? Oh, and would you please stop spamming this site with links to your own website.
  15. speedyscott

    Ibiza Rocks

    As you cleverly pointed out yourself I was reviewing the festival at the end of the summer, held over 3 days - those acts didn't play. You're obviously just some Ibiza addict than can't stand anyone criticizing their beloved island. I praised the venue in Ibiza, but criticised the extent to which the event can continue as I believe it's just an attempt to cash in on the recent popularity of indie bands. And....The festival was held in San Antonio, which was filled with those pissed up drug brits you talked about.
  16. speedyscott

    Ibiza Rocks

    Yes - it was a review of the last few days, but that was a 3 day festival in itself - I didn't spend all summer in Ibiza. I stand by everything I said - Nobody in their right mind would travel to the island for the festival - they could just go and see those bands in their local town for much cheaper. As far as the island's concerned it is a minority taste. People don't travel to Ibiza during the summer season to go to gigs. It's just not what the people there are interested in, people DO go to San Antonio for the whole clubbing thing. I think you'll find very few people who disagree. And the bands that were at the festival weren't exactly huge acts, they were relatively small indie bands that WOULD be a minority taste - Captain, The Cribs, Boy Kill Boy... Faced with the choice of going to a festival to see bands I would go to Reading, TITP or Isle of Wight. If I wanted to go clubbing I'd go to Ibiza, and Ibiza rocks wouldn't convince me otherwise.
  17. speedyscott

    some pics from the holloways at ibiza rocks tonight

    Holloways always put on a great show!!
  18. speedyscott

    Ibiza Rocks

    Yeah I went last year. There's a review I did here. Here's a summarising quote: Ibiza Rocks! is undoubtedly a good idea, but the festival in itself hasn’t been created for the love of rock music but more as a conveniently self-structured event to pander to a minority taste. This isn’t an event that people would travel to Ibiza for, and I fear that it’s future will rest on the forthcoming relationship between indie-rock music and the mainstream. However, while it is here it is a welcome alternative to the other styles of music on the island and proves Ibiza can create some form of diversity.
  19. speedyscott


    Anyone going to see Ash live? they'll probably play all the festivals anyway. dates
  20. speedyscott

    Preston Venue - Robbing B**tards

    What venue is it you're talking about?
  21. speedyscott

    top 10 emo bands

    Are Jimmy Eat World classified as Emo? I think that might upset a fair few people.
  22. speedyscott

    New venue in Eastbourne

    New venue Anybody going to this new venue in Eastbourne. Sounds pretty good!!
  23. speedyscott

    British v Americans

    Just wondering what everyone thinks. I love watching British bands but sometimes they just don't know how to engage with the audience. American bands on the other hand are great at engaging with the audience - they just don't know when to shut up. Bit of a generalisation I know....but still.
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    Welcome to the site
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    New Venue in Glasgow

    A new music venue has opened in Glasgow. Check out the eGigs news article here. Has anyone been yet? I still haven't checked it out.