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  1. I second that, having just come back from seeing them at the apollo...
  2. Is it not cool to like them now seeing as they were pioneer's of their genre?
  3. just got back from the manchester gig about and hour ago, and they were incredible, probably the best gig of my life! They were supported by the futureheads, but I only caught a couple of their songs...
  4. and it was a pretty cool gig... they played a new song, and loadsa old favourites, and I got a plectrum that they flung into the crowd. All in all, a lot of fun.
  5. Well, tickets went on sale this morning, turned out at about £35 incl. postage + bf... I think they're all pretty much sold out now, bt I managed to get my ticket! Can't wait, it should be amazing to see them at the Apollo...
  6. Pixies are playing in London and Manchester at the end of August... Manchester Apollo (30) London Alexandra Palace (31) Not sure when tickets are gonna be on sale, or how much they'll be, but it should be pretty soon!
  7. I went to the Manchester gig, and I thought they were pretty good. The crowd got into it, although it's a bit hard because the pace of their songs varies so much. I enjoyed it anyways
  8. it's not closing, go to the official site, it specifically says that it's not closing and there are no needs for petitions or anything...
  9. Well, I just got back, and they were absolutely incredible, the crowd were great, and Basement Jaxx had about 6 or 7 different vocalists! They did a cover of Kylie's Can't Get You Out of My Head, probably to prepare for Glasto... But they were on top form! I was stood right at the front, in the centre! I'm so pleased I went to see them.
  10. Feeder have become boring, Zutons sounded alright, I guess, I missed Idlewild... REM were pretty good!
  11. wee_insomniac


    after the long drawn out debate on efests, I thought I should bring it here, I bought meself a ticket coz I think they would kick ass at the manchester apollo...
  12. Do u know where to get tickets from? It's alright, they are on ticketmaster
  13. Tour announced and on sale now! Glasgow Academy (June 17) Manchester Apollo (18) Leeds University (19) Portsmouth Guildhall (21) Birmingham Academy (22) London Hyde Park Wireless Festival (25) Dublin Marley Park (August 20) Cornwall Eden Project (26) Liverpool Creamfields UK (27) Edinburgh Corn Exchange (28)
  14. I thought at parts the crowd were a bit quiet, but other than that, amazing!
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