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  1. Only the one show announced so far, in London Haven't been to the venue before, but it looks pretty impressive.
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    Nope. Usually U2 will take a band on the road with them in the US, and then mix up the support acts in Europe. So far I think that Snow Patrol, Keane, Franz Ferdinand, Paddy Casey, and The Killers have all been named as european support acts. Last time round each of the 4 london shows had a different support act - Kelis, PJ Harvey, Nelly Furtado, and JJ72.
  3. Here's a few dates.. Mon 27th Jun - National Athletics Stadium, Crystal Palace, London Tue 28th Jun - National Athletics Stadium, Crystal Palace, London Fri 01st Jul - Bellahouston Park, Glasgow Mon 04th Jul - Reebok Stadium, Bolton Tue 05th Jul - Reebok Stadium, Bolton I'm 99% confident those dates at least are correct. I've no idea if there'll be any other shows or not..
  4. It's actually my favourite venue (out of the ones that sort of size anyway) in London.. Much nicer than the Astoria or the Forum, and there's usually a great atmosphere there as well. The security staff can be a bit annoying, but they're still not as bad as the ones at the Astoria.
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    The original plan (which has now been abandoned) had the tour being announced on 6th Jan with the first ticket sales (for certain US shows) on Jan 14th or 15th. The UK shows would've gone on sale 3 weeks later.. However, as most people probably know by now, everything is up in the air due to a "close family member" of one of the band members falling seriously ill. The first leg (USA and Canada in March/April/May) is currently up in the air - it'll be delayed for at least 3 weeks and possibly more. As it stands right now, the UK shows (2xManchester, 2xLondon, Glasgow, Cardiff) are still on, but everything really is subject to change so there wont be any ticket sales just yet.
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    The Barfly

    150 sounds about right.. It's basically just the upstairs room of the pub, with a proper stage (and no tables or chairs)
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    I might just be reading way too much into this but: Go to the Milton Keynes Bowl website and what music starts playing? More interestingly this image is on the site.
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    Earls Court

    and EC also has far, far, far better acoustics than Wembley Arena (you don't get that horrible constant echo for a start). In all honesty, I'd say that EC does comapre fairly well to other venues of similar capacity. The problem is more that theres not too many bands who can carry a show in a large arena.
  9. It closed down in the middle of 2003.. The site was sold for housing, so there won't be any more concerts. Anschutz (AEG - former owners of the arena) are planning to turn the dome into a 22,000 seat replacement arena for sports + music.
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    The Civic Hall in Guildford has closed down. They're allegedly going to rebuild it, but I've no idea when. The Electric Theatre sometimes has concerts, but they're usually Jazz\Swing\Blues\Classical type things. To the best of my knowledge, there's no major (say 500+) venues holding gigs left in surrey.. The best you'll find is various pubs that will let local bands play.. I always found it best to just go up to london..
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    They're a great live band, definately one of the best, but it's more than that. I saw 6 shows on the Elevation tour, and enjoyed every one of them. The one time the band had an off-night, the atmosphere generated was such that you'd only notice if you'd seen several other shows and so could compare them.. 99% of the crowd went home thinking they'd seen the Best Gig Ever. I've seen so many bands where, if they have an bad night, the gig is a disaster. U2 have this ability to shine even when thing's aren't clicking on stage. To me, that's the mark of a great live band.
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