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    ermm gigs, festis, beer and other things
  1. saw them at Liverpool Academy t'other week, were excellent and very Talking Heads . The whole album is good, slsk or Amazon Talking Heads have never stopped making sense
  2. Ticketmaster are doing pre-sales http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/artist/806216/ as long as you sign up to their fan club too. No thanks Remember where you heard it...
  3. I heard about this ages ago, had almost forgotten about it, will make a note in my diary
  4. Have seen them 6 times and I agree that The White Stripes do come over better in a smaller venue rather than the Arenas and Festis, the atmosphere is so much better for their style of music, they blew the roof off at their gig at Manc Apollo t'other week I think the Strokes have made a also good decision to stick to smaller venues on their latest tour
  5. David

    Happy Mondays

    saw them at manchester a few weeks ago, they still have the magic
  6. I saw them supporting the Chems at Manchester, were excellent
  7. They were pricey, but I couldn't not buy tix, am immensely looking forward to (Blue) Monday
  8. I got tix to Manchester even though I live in Blackpool, as the Apollo is a better venue IMO
  9. David


    I got tix to Manchester too, yayyyy!!!!
  10. David

    New Order

    full preview of all the tracks from their new album 'Waiting For The Sirens' Call' >>>>>>> http://www.mtvasia.com/Video/Feature/20050...0038/index.html Sounds good to me , what do you think?
  11. Preview of video of new single 'Believe' http://www.fs1.co.uk/ecard/chems4/index.html
  12. Would go to Manchester, but am in Dublin
  13. Their back in London and Manchester!!! The Chemical Brothers - Carling Live 24 Exclusive Carling Live 24 show! The Chemical Brothers have been announced as part of the incredible line-up for this year’s Carling Live 24 event taking place in Manchester on Saturday 28th May and we’ve teamed up with Carling to offer The Chemical Brothers fans the chance to buy a limited number of tickets from 10am this Thursday! The Chemical Brothers will be taking part in the marathon round of live music across the UK, this year taking place in London and Manchester - two of the capitals of the UK’s music scene - with a special appearance at Carling Apollo Manchester at 8pm on Saturday 28th May. For your chance to buy tickets priced £23.50 each (+postage, but no booking fee), follow this link: http://www.carlinglive.com/carlinglive24/ If you find no tickets are available then please try again at 9am on Friday all remaining tickets will be released then. We have also added a new section to the web site where you can see exclusive pictures from the current tour: http://www.thechemicalbrothers.com/tour_photos/
  14. Have a listen to the new album... http://www.stereophonics.com/sampler/
  15. David


    Full Preview of new album - Hotel Edit: Includes very soft remake of New Order's 'Temptation' . Any opinions on it?
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