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    Stuff, stuff and more stuff...........
  1. kaleidoscopic_imp

    Manc Academy's - please explain

    Theres an Academy 4 now - just to add confusion! Also known as Club Academy. Im seeing the Bees there next week. Its in the basement apparently (same building as 2 and 3) and is supposed to be the smallest of the 4.
  2. kaleidoscopic_imp

    Can someone help im confused?

    I was there, and can safey say it was The Bravery and Snow Patrol.................perhaps your mate recorded one of the songs in between bands on her phone................would explain it
  3. kaleidoscopic_imp


    Am fairly tempted by this - they were great both times that I saw them last year. I know nothing about the cost / sale date of tickets either.
  4. kaleidoscopic_imp

    Levellers Winter Tour

    Im going to the London one
  5. kaleidoscopic_imp

    REM support anyone know anything?

    Idlewild were good The Zutons were alright. I thought Feeder weren't up to their best - played too much of the new stuff which is pants compared to the older stuff..............still Buck Rogers and Just A Day at the end were good. And REM were blindin
  6. kaleidoscopic_imp


    Don't forget the £15 for the Programs.............grrrrrrrrrrr. But rip off goods aside - bloody fantastic
  7. kaleidoscopic_imp


    Damn it - I didn't get tickets for the manchester one. Id have had at least one of them off you for face value. Ah well Did they end with Just A Day? I love that song.
  8. kaleidoscopic_imp

    Snow Patrol

    So long as they're fully functioning for supporting U2 in June I don't mind
  9. kaleidoscopic_imp

    New colours

    From a purely girlie and somewhat pathetic perspective.............the purples prettier
  10. kaleidoscopic_imp


    Snow Patrol are supporting them at the Manchester gig..........oh happy day Tis now 2 top bands - making the most of my £50 ticket Snow Patrol also supporting in Dublin (24th) Killers supporting in Cardiff Other dates not mentioned.
  11. kaleidoscopic_imp


    I can't go to their April Manchester gig as its on the 23rd and im going to be in one of two other places............im guessing though they'll be taking in a few of the festivals so i'll wait and catch them then.
  12. kaleidoscopic_imp

    Ticket Stubs

    The majority of mine are blutaked to the wardrobe in a vague attempt at room decoration. There a few noticeable gaps mainly from Manchester Academy 2 who nick the whole ticket at the door - gits ..............im led to believe you can get them back again if you queue and go out the back door - I can never be arsed and always leave through the fire escape at the side. Ah well.
  13. kaleidoscopic_imp


    Anyone else go see them? Or was it just me? What did we all think? I thought it was a crackin gig - slightly unusual with it being acoustic an all, and the drummer looked a little lost for something to do at times. But the classics came across well acousticly and the new stuffs sounding good.
  14. kaleidoscopic_imp


    My mate managed to get us tickets for the Manchester one through pre sale this morning - totally made my day
  15. kaleidoscopic_imp


    Did I? Sorry! I pulled the list off the Idlewild webpage (having only paid full attention to the Manchester one when it was announced) and it didn't have the 21st one on there.