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  1. Hope you enjoy the show, ive got one more prince show left to goto and then thats me done :-( cheers -NEMESIS-
  2. Hi Dan, ticketmaster are still selling tickets for this show cheers -Luke-
  3. Hi Peeps, just thought I'd mention that Prince at the o2 arena was fantastic, if you get a chance to see him go along as its incredible... someday all musicians will perform this well!!! I'm so glad im going to be there for most of his dates! He even had the decency to come and play at the aftershow too!!! :-) anyway thats enough arselicking for now :-) -NEMESIS-
  4. Id follow alex's advice- he is usually spot on with predicting the success of bands.... so i might have to check his selection out... Cheers -Luke-
  5. Hi Ukgigfreak, I'd agree totally with that!!! It was J.E.E.P that really put me off!! cheers -NEMESIS-
  6. Hi Ukgigfreak, lets just see if we are on the same wavelength- which album do you think was bad? Just want to see if it matches the album that really put me off Stereophonics... cheers -NEMESIS-
  7. Hi, I got to see Stereophonic in 1997- for £3 in Nottingham!! How cool is that!!! Pity they are crap now- I probably wouldnt pay £1 to see them now days!! -NEMESIS-
  8. I didnt even realise there was any top emo bands- let alone an entire list of ten!!!!!! The first person to find a decent emo band wins a prize!!! -NEMESIS-
  9. Hi, I think the smoking ban is a good idea- im sick of drunken smokers not watching what they do with their fags and end up burning holes in my clothes- they dont even say sorry half of the time! And not only that but i prefer clean air and I am looking forward to the ban being imposed- however i do feel that they should have possibly a special section or something so that smokers can light up without missing the gig!! cheers -NEMESIS-


    I saw Muse in Nottingham- but cant remember who the support were!!! NEMESIS
  11. Hi Speedy, yes it was out of choice- and I can safely say she is a brilliant performer!! -NEMESIS-
  12. Hi Ukgigfreak, fair point! Have you seen her live? cheers -NEMESIS-
  13. Hi Ukgigfreak, lol, I have seen over 1000 acts- and so id like to think i have a very good frame of reference- sure tina turner might not be your cup of tea- but when i think of the top five gigs- for whatever reason she immediately pops into my mind. It was difficult to pick just five- but I just went with the five gigs that spring immediately into mind. I do find it amusing how someone can criticise an act that they have never seen live though cheers -NEMESIS-
  14. Metallica (Milton Keynes 93) David Bowie (Manchester 2003) Michael Jackson (1997) Tina Turner Iron Maiden Although picking just five is difficult!!!! cheers -NEMESIS-
  15. American Bands are so much more entertaining, and when i go and see a live band- i want to be entertained- sure there will be people who will argue and say 'british bands sound better' but at the end of the day if I was after just a great sound I would just whack a groups album on my cd system and listen to it- the whole reason for going to SEE a band live is to surprisingly SEE them and be entertained. I feel American bands provide this and in a live setting will always get my vote!!!! cheers -NEMESIS-
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