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  1. okay, heres my piece.. emo is a genre of music evolved from punk, origionally called "emotionally hardcore" then shortened to "emocore" and now what we know today as "emo". Now there are alot of misconceptions about "emo" particularly the whole people with black hair, fringes and wear tight jeans etc. THIS IS NOT EMO! i cannot stress this enough. it is a fashion which has nothing whatsoever to do with the genre of music we know as "emo". Whats more "emo" music is not all depressed, sucidal, crying bullshit people make it out to be.. this is just steryotyping, just like every american is fat and dumb and every english person is posh and drinks tea constantly :L it just shows how ignorant society is. Just becuase someone is wearing tight jeans and has black hair with a fuckoff long fringe doesnt make him depressed or mean that he cuts himself. i myself do have black hair with a fringe and wear tight jeans and i do listen to emo music but i wouldnt think of myself as an "emo" nor do i cut myself or cry myself to sleep becuase my ex girlfriend is a whore. I just happen to like the style it has nothing to do with my emotional state. And to the people who think that people like me give "emo" a bad name. its not my fault people are judging me or somone else. its the media and steryotyping ignorance and the obbsession to put people into catagories to make them feel better about themselves that gives emo a bad name. Just like the way people just assume MCR are emo because of the way they dress, or somthing, i think MCR are a really uplifting band and tbh they're more alternative punk than emo anyway. and just like the way i dont go round say "ooh look im such an emo, i cut my wrists and sit at home listening to depressing music all the time.." The disapointing thing is people will judge somone as an "emo" just by looking at them if you actually got to know them you'd realise "emos" can be some of the nicest people you will ever meet, so stop steryotyping and try looking beyond the way someone dresses and the music they listen to for once.
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