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  1. So, the days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in, it's starting to get really very cold, the shops are getting busier…but fear not, Supernight has exactly the dose of electric spazzrock treatment to grab those winter blues by the neck and to shout very loudly in their faces. Join us at Junktion 7 in Nottingham on Friday 23rd November to see some of the dirtiest, noisiest, most riotously entertaining oiks we could round-up do what they do best - have a blinding rock & roll party. Yes, for just £3 you can savour the following filthy treats: CUBAN CRIMEWAVE Party-stomping twin bass slinging satanic cinemascope movie soundtracks for 1920's Cuban gangs. Think Death From Above 1979, think The Stooges, think howls, growls and raw, rumbling scuzzrock at its finest. www.myspace.com/cubancrimewave SCUTTY NEIGHBOURS A filthy cocktail of punk, metal and cider, this Skull Tanker side-project are "a ragtag bunch of misfits, miscreants and diseases" hell bent on having the noisiest, scuttiest, most riotously enjoyable party in the neighbourhood. www.myspace.com/thescuttyneighbours YES MY NINJAS? Sonic mentalists from Lincolnshire (via Mars) cramming genre upon genre to create music that is both insanely catchy and, well, insane. Electro-pop, metal, hardcore, d'n'b…it'll make your head hurt, in a good way. www.myspace.com/yesmyninjasrock See you down the front. All at Supernight x P.S. Check out our blog for photos from October’s OXJAM gig and loads more: http://www.supernightsuperblog.blogspot.com/
  2. Supernight do OXJAM @ The Maze, Nottingham SATURDAY 27th OCTOBER (8.30 - 2) £3 Great bands, DJs, games and giveaways. It's going to be fun, fun, fun! www.myspace.com/supernight NAPOLEON IIIrd (Brainlove Records) Brilliant one-man band embracing all of Brian Wilson's maverick genius, but with a battered reel-to-reel tape machine and some wonky kids' instruments instead of 4 fellas and a state of the art studio. www.myspace.com/boney3 BALOR KNIGHTS (Thee SPC) Creators of gloriously messy indie rock that staggers and weaves everywhere from Pixies to Bearsuit and has earned them a legion of fans including 6Music and Rough Trade. www.myspace.com/balorknights FISTS You never quite know what to expect with this anti-folk rocktopus, from ramshackle marching drum Casiotone workouts to catchy lo-fi pop. www.myspace.com/fistsmusic
  3. Didn't manage to get a ticket for Glasto? Never fear, Supernight are throwing a FREE party just for you... Get your sweatbands on and come body-popping down at Moog to the sounds of... BATTLECAT! Described as a "two-man digital sh-t storm", Battlecat! are from Mansfield and they are ACE. www.myspace.com/wearebattlecat FISTS This relentlessly eclectic trio make "brilliant lo-fi pop for electro-loving cowboys." www.myspace.com/fistsmusic VASTIK ROOT A mysterious and enigmatic 8-bit magician best known for his sublime live gameboy sets. www.myspace.com/vastikroot + special guest / supernight DJs until late FRIDAY 22nd JUNE > 9pm onwards @ MOOG, NEWDIGATE ST, NOTTINGHAM, NG7 4FD http://www.moognottingham.co.uk/map.htm www.myspace.com/supernight
  4. Supernight Presents… Super Sunday @ The Malt Cross 27th May 2007 (3pm - 8pm) FREE For this special event Supernight will be celebrating music from 1959 'backwards' in an attempt to honour the progenitors of 20th Century popular music. Three DJ’s will be delving deep into their record boxes and dusting down some delights from the worlds of Skiffle, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country, Folk, Jazz, Music Hall, Blues and just about anything else we can crudely squeeze into our pre-60's music policy format for the day. But that’s not all, there will also be four exclusive live sets from some of Nottingham's brightest acts who'll be performing covers of their favourite pre-60’s classics. Expect some wildly original contemporary takes on everyone from Billie Holiday to Lonnie Donegan. Come down, grab a bite to eat, listen to some great music, see some unique performances, art, visuals, competitions…and it doesn’t even cost anything to get in! See you there Love Supernight -- Supernight Season Two Continues... 22nd June 2007 Supernight presents... BattleCat, Vastik Root & Fists (More TBC) @ Moog www.myspace.com/supernight www.supernight.co.uk
  5. FRIDAY 27th APRIL > 8.30pm - 12am > £3 BUNKER'S HILL, HOCKLEY (next to the Ice Arena), NOTTINGHAM MISTERLEE www.myspace.com/leeallatson + THE DEIRDRES www.myspace.com/thedeirdres + JOEL OWEN www.myspace.com/joelowenmusic + FISTS Acoustic Set www.myspace.com/fistsmusic Supernight presents the Midlands’ finest talent with a Derby vs Leicester vs Nottingham Royal Rumble! There's Joel Owen’s beautifully crafted songwriting alongside Fists' country-disco. Then we've got The Deirdres delirious anti-folk rubbing shoulders with Misterlee's Billy Childish meets Beefheart blues explosion. Hope you can make it - it'd be lovely to see you!
  6. SAT 27th JAN @ THE MAZE: Supernight presents... CLIP! CLAP! CLOP! - ONLY £3! - THE BONSAI PROJECTS (Official Album Launch) One man beardy army tickling the under belly of Tom Waits, Violent Femmes and distressed choir boys. www.myspace.com/bonsaiprojects POPPY SEED Brilliantly realised lo-fi art-folk with kid-keyboard percussion and an incisive pop sensibility. www.myspace.com/webreedkillingmachines BURY & DISINTER The sound of things breaking due to a general lack of love and attention. www.myspace.com/burydisinter THE SMELL OF SUCCESS An off-kilter waltz through music's acoustic nether regions from the hopelessly romantic to the downright odd. www.myspace.com/smellofsuccess FISTS Acoustic anti-folk trio whose sound ranges from ramshackle marching-drum Casiotone workouts to gloriously catchy lo-fi pop. There'll also assorted art gems all around the venue, a tombola, clothes and cake sale. PLUS! resident/guest DJs playing all things warm, acoustic, indie, electronic and damn good. <see www.myspace.com/supernight for more info>
  7. THURS 16th NOV The Social, Nottingham 8:30 - 2:00-ish £3 - What a bargain! Yunioshi An eclectic mix of found breakbeat samples from the back of dusty cupboards cut out by scissors with round blades and glued together by hooky guitars, old childrens keyboards and whatever odd instruments Ebay has on offer that week" www.myspace.com/yunioshi Penfold Gate "Nu-tone, pop-folk with a hint of hip-hop beats, layed down and entwined with beautiful tales of fact and fiction. Where is the heartache? Oh here it is!" www.myspace.com/penfoldgate The OCD Experimental, alternative rock from Birmingham. www.myspace.com/theocd + An acoustic set from The Smell of Success DJ spots from our residents Phantom Limb, Mr Fahrenknight AND a bonus set from special guest King Kahlua (The Go-Go) *This Supernight event is a special collaborative promotion with One Music/Transit.
  8. THE SOCIAL THURS 19th OCT 8.30pm - 2am £4 All proceeds to Oxfam --- ROSE KEMP We're very excited to have bagged Rose for the Nottingham date of her UK Oxjam tour. Garnering comparisons with PJ Harvey and Patti Smith, she's a force to be reckoned with live, and the release of her single "Violence" with One Little Indian this autumn ought to confirm her cult status. "Stunning stuff" - The Fly. "Her attitude is audacious and unapologetic: Rose follows her own path and her own desires, and delights in confounding expectations" - Metro www.myspace.com/rosekemp PLANS & APOLOGIES A seven piece indie jangle-pop outfit with a twist. These boys have found fans in Tasty Fanzine, Drowned In Sound, NME and 6Music and Radio 1, who had them in to record a session earlier in the year. "The twee kids have got bulletproof vests on underneath their cardigans and, fuck me, it sounds good" - Careless Talk Costs Lives www.myspace.com/plansandapologies SIMON HAIKU When not busy being a member of The General and Duchess Collins along with former Beta Band / The Aliens alumni, Simon sneaks out into his home town of Nottingham to play some solo semi-acoustic sets full of lush looped vocals, guitar samples and funny noises. www.myspace.com/simonhaiku + various multifarious frolics including Supernight DJ's Mr.Fahrenknight & Phantom Limb. Come and raise money and beat off the autumn blues with a big stick and some brilliant bands. www.myspace.com/supernight
  9. Hello Only just saw this message Indeed, the most inspired name we've come across since Rock Of Travolta
  10. Here's the poster as rendered by the fair hand(s) of Jamie Wignall and Angi Fletcher Hope you like it...
  11. Hello Supernight returns with the finest bands hand-picked from all over the UK. This month sees us play host to jangly beat pop, dysfunctional shouty joy and space loons from Lancashire. Bring it on! THE SOCIAL, THURSDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 8pm - 2am < £3 > VANILLA GODZILLA Fun and frolics abound with these scamps. Their influences range from Zappa to Daft Punk to Toots & The Maytals, and their weapons of choice from xylophone to gameboy. They offer the inspired DIY joy of The Aliens with the theatricality of Sparks. Come on down for some dada fizz-pop brilliance. www.myspace.com/vanillagodzilla JOHNNY FOREIGNER Alexei, Kelly and Junior listen to loud and quiet music, take too much time off work, write slogans on their t-shirts, and make up noisy pop songs about girls and gin. They've been described as "hi-octane indie spazz rock" and "fucking brilliant". Marvellous! www.myspace.com/johnnyforeigner LOIS Having just had new single 'Monkey Girl' picked up, playlisted and praised by Radio 2's Mark Radcliffe, Lois' brand of classic pop is ripe for the picking. Think of Beatles’ charm, killer Kinks riffs and savvy sixties harmonies. www.myspace.com/wwwmyspacecomlois + Resident DJs, Mr Fahrenknight / Phantom Limb share the decks with guest pick n mix pop picker, Pete from Jumpers For Goalposts. HURRAH!
  12. CHIKBUDO Chik Budo are a South East London five piece who marry the jazz experimentalism of John Zorn and the energy of post-punk luminaries such as Fugazi, with a thoroughly contemporary electronic dance bent. The end result is a hugely accessible blast of 21st Century Electro Jazz Punk that we’re pretty confident will have you swinging from the rafters. www.myspace.com/chikbudo GREAT ESKIMO HOAX Great Eskimo Hoax’s frenetic and utterly engaging live show impressed us so much last time that we had to ask them back. They play huge grandiose slabs of inventive post rock that sparkles with oddness and energy. Their EP ‘the tree-hugger hisses where the sweet bird sings’ is out soon on Faith In My Chest Records. www.myspace.com/greateskimohoax www.greateskimohoax.co.uk LINE Neil Wells a.k.a. Line was recently described as ‘Nottingham’s answer to Jim O’Rourke’ due to his ever expanding musical CV (Seachange, Escapologists, Savoy Grand). As Line, Neil fuses completely disparate genres such as folk, gabba and indie to create gloriously infectious and heart warming lo-fi electro-pop. www.myspace.com/mynameisline Plus the usual multifarious DJ dabblings of our residents Mr Fahrenknight and Phantom Limb Venue: The Social, Pelham Street, Nottingham Date: 20/07/06 Doors: 8pm - 2pm Price: £3
  13. Supernight’s multifarious DIY club night continues its monthly residency at The Social on June 15th with another riotously eclectic extravaganza. FONDA 500 Hull’s mighty 5 double 0 return with more of their inspired casiotone-surf-gospel-electronica-bossa nova-beard-rock. Expect tons of great pop songs, a riotous happy-go-lucky sound and a smattering of beatboxing from a man in a bear hat. FUN. FUN, FUN!!! “Inspired, bizarre, delightful” – The Observer + PLANS & APOLOGIES All the way from Derby this sprawling seven-piece produce off-kilter indie pop gems and are a joyous and captivating live act. Fresh off a national tour and into the Maida Vale studio to record a Radio 1 session for everyone’s favourite hirsute Welshman Huw Stephens, these boys are getting plenty of deserved attention. + guest DJs DADDY BONES (Big Daddy/Grand Slam/Crowbar Records), w/ James (PHANTOM LIMB) & MR FAHRENKNIGHT 8.30pm - 2am £5 see www.myspace.com/supernight for more info
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