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  1. they are very good i never used too really. until i wanted to see Rod Stewart and it was going to be £55 to sit fucking miles away, or £8 to see the tribute act down our local pub and get hammered with all my friends. as for good tribute acts, the best i have seen is Gary Mullen and The Works a tribute to Queen. they really are brilliant. Gary Mullen won stars in their eyes as Freddie a few years ago
  2. isnt he busy doing community service orders in America, for being an idiot
  3. thats always good to know i wish i had gone to Beautiful Days this year, never mind it is on the list for next year!
  4. just thought i'd post it here. i havnt used egigs for a while but now seems appropriate me and Shinyhappyperson are attending the Manchester academy gig, should be a belter info here
  5. i caught them at Nottingham last Tuesday and it was awsome. David Coverdale is such a legend
  6. actually i'm going to add Alice Cooper at MofR, which was awsome
  7. i agree with White Stripes at glasto, it was a very 'for the fans' set if you know what i mean. there wasnt anything to get everyone moving (apart from seven nation army, as thats the only song i know and liked) plus the fact that for some reason he let Meg sing some crap song... twice! that sucked. and i had some mad white stripes fan leaning on me singing all the f*cking words to every song in my ear and i was really disapointed when i saw Blink 182 on the last tour, they just seem to have lost all the energy that they seemed to have on mark tom n travis show. they wernt even funny. it shattered an illusion from my teen pop-punk years
  8. i have all of mine on a cord board, apart from my Queen + Paul Rodgers one which the NEC Arena took away from me :angry: but apart from that i have all of mine i do that! i recently found my Subways ticket in my Hotel Babylon, which was a nice suprise
  9. exactly what i thought! its not fair, i wasnt even born when Queen played wembley, i was 3 when Freddie died. its so not fair. 5co77ie are you on the DVD footage of the concert? or were you there on the friday when it rained so they stopped recording?
  10. 1. Queen + Paul Rodgers (NEC arena last year) 2. Iron Maiden (Leeds 05) i only have a top 2 as the rest of the bands i have seen live dont even compare
  11. i was going to try and see them but all the gigs around my area are in the middle of my exams, i might be able to make it Liverpoole or Cardiff. we shall see
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