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  1. Yesssss! Manchester show the night after, thanks!!!
  2. Ah crap, I'm off to see teh Levellers that night, love Buffalo Tom too! Any chance they can make a trip to Manchester or elsewhere up North?
  3. Hi Jamie, Is there any way we can cover the Leeds 02 date for egigs? Are you the contact? thanks, Danielle
  4. You wouldn't believe it but my boyfriend has just won two backstage passes to see cc!!! I have a ticket to sell now for the Sheffield date for £30, less than face value. Whoop!
  5. Can't get a refund now I think, the dte has passed as they sent the tickets out after changing the venue
  6. I already bought mine when they were due to play the arena and it got swapped to the academy. That is the normal price for an academy ticket, so for them to still charge over £33 is a disgrace for a non-arena show...
  7. Are you sure they got them there? Looks like a tout site to me...
  8. I'll be there yes, they are a great band. Hope The Hold Steady support them...
  9. Nah, there's not much about the Leeds one, other than where it is! I can't see any work happening on the site......
  10. 3 new venues planned for next year; http://www.academy-music-group.co.uk/ No more travelling to Newcastle, Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham or London for us tykes!
  11. danmillea

    Sex Pistols

    I now have two ticket for the Manchester MEN date, but I am looking to sell the two Brixton Thursday tickets for face value + booking fee, plus some for recorded delivery. preferably through paypal.
  12. I mean, what are they trying to say? They will not get far with names like these (maybe that's the plan) but I think it's not big and it's not clever. Anybody can fucking swear.
  13. danmillea

    Sex Pistols

    I bought 2 downstairs standing tickets for the 'one off' gig at Brixton on Thursday 08/11/07, but can not make it now due to work. I would like to swap them for two downstairs standing tickets for Saturday 10/11/07. I do not really want to sell them, just a straight swap.
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