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  1. mikeh


    Is anyone going to see Whitesnake this tour. Im going to the Manchester Apollo gig. If you are not going you should buy a ticket, they are one of the best live acts on the planet and currently have one of the worlds best guitar players (Doug Aldrich).
  2. The apollo is quite a bit bigger as I remember it. Went to the apollo last week to see HIM, was a great gig. Also seen Whitesnake, the offspring (x2) and him before there and Im goin to see Whitesnake next month
  3. 1) iron maiden (hammersmith show for Clive Burr MS fund, september 2005) 2) DIO - Manchester academy October 2005 3) AC/DC Milton Keynes 8th June 2001 4) Whitesnake Manchester October 2004 5) Iron maiden - Sheffield Arena (dance of death tour)
  4. Apparently all gigs have been cancelled in the summer, as the stadium won't be ready till next year
  5. mikeh


    I saw them on the HIM tour, they were brilliant!!!!
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