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  1. japan - back in 198? something - they were utter shite and played for about 45 minutes - which was probably 45 minutes too long
  2. radiohead - glastonbury 2003 the smiths - GLC jobs for a change festival 1984 the ramones - portsmouth guidhall 1979/80 kraftwerk - hammersmith palais 198? pink floyd - earls court 1981
  3. keef_man

    The Tubes

    hello kilgore hello egigs The Tubes - wow i saw them about three or four times in the late 70's early 80's. At the time that was some show - motorbikes, chainsaws and Re Styles( ) on stage etc etc I still have "White Punks on Dope" on a 12" single at home I had a quick look at their website a few months ago and it all looked a bit embarrassing - they seemed to be playing backrooms of pubs in the USA and the lineup seemed to have changed a fair bit. Fee Waybill must be getting on and the thought of him now in his "Mondo Bondage" get up is - frankly- a bit disturbing. Doubt whether I can get to any of the UK dates but i would be interested to hear any feedback if anyone makes it
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