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  1. How can you replace the White Stripes with the Flaming Lips!?
  2. Oh. Do two of the same rumour make it confirmed?
  3. As it says in the title really: I heard rumours Oasis might play Hyde Park the day before the Foos, anyone know anything else about it? This is the day my exams finish so I would love it to happen: could there be a better way of celebrating?!
  4. Either Coldplay @ Crystal Palace, June 05. They opened with Square One and then Politik, two high energy tunes which really got the crowd going. They had only just released X and Y but all the new songs went down great, and they didn't overflow the show with new songs either, they played all the old ones everyone wanted to hear too; Yellow, Clocks, The Scientist and Everything's Not Lost to name a few. It was AMAZING! Or Muse @ Earls Court, December 04. Every song just seemed perfect for its moment. Don't know how they did it, but it was immense! Hysteria, Time is Running Out, New Born and Apocalypse Please were highlights.
  5. Blink 182. Definitely. Saw them back in my teenybopper years and they just sucked.
  6. Does anyone know if the stadium will definitely be ready in time for the show? I have tickets for the 10th, but I went past the stadium the other day and it still looks a million miles from being finished, and the fact that they moved the FA cup final to Cardiff isn't exactly calming my nerves... Any help would be appreciated.
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