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  1. If you like your punk and emo, this is the one for you - I've been to 6 of the previous 7 and every one has been fantastic Collective AKA presents OUT OF SPITE VIII @ Leeds Joseph's Well : Friday 12/08/2005 Capdown, Vanilla Pod, Buzzkill, The Leif Ericsson, The Sword - Doors @ 7pm Saturday 13/08/2005 Pylon, Frankie Stubbs, Milloy, Billy No Mates, Twofold, The Dauntless Elite, The Down and Outs, The Rituals, Chillerton, The Bedford Falls, You Me and the Atom Bomb, The Plight - Doors @ 1pm Sunday 14/08/2005 Dugong, The Take, The Sex Maniacs, Nathaniel Green, The Mercury League, New Cut Smile, plus acoustic sets in bar 2pm onwards from... Mia Riddle,, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly,James Black,Warlord,AntiSocialMixTape - Doors @ 2pm
  2. The Mars Volta maybe (so I'll be in the bar), plus another band tbc The website isn't clear whether this is for the US dates only or for the whole shooting match There's a recent setlist on the website, which would suit me fine.... London - Astoria - April 4, 2005 BYOB SCIENCE SUGGESTIONS PSYCHO CHOP SUEY MR JACK NEEDLES DEER DANCE AERIALS HOLY MOUNTAINS SPIDERS STREAMLINE BOUNCE HIGHWAY SONG FOREST CIGARO ATWA WAR? PRISON ROULETTE TOXICITY SUITE-PEE SUGAR
  3. If you like your melodic emo, check out Dugong, on tour with the excellent Kelly8 : When: Saturday 19th March 2005 Where: The House, Middlesbrough When: Sunday 20th March 2005 Where: The Mercat, Edinburgh When: Tuesday 22nd March 2005 Where: The Phoenix, Manchester When: Wednesday 23rd March 2005 Where: The Fenton, Leeds *find me and I'll buy you a pint* When: Thursday 24th March 2005 Where: The Ferryboat, Norwich When: Friday 25th March 2005 Where: Duke of York, Derby When: Saturday 26th March 2005 Where: Le Pub, Newport When: Monday 28th March 2005 Where: The Portland Arms, Cambridge
  4. kilgore

    John Otway

    Pencilled in ... sounds like an interesting venue
  5. Suspect I might try and get to the Manchester gig though I was unimpressed last time I saw them - not a patch on their old selves.... where's the angst gone ?
  6. Sheffield Leadmill it is then ... can't make anything closer due to work *grrrr* Can't wait though .... wonder what the setlist will include ? Pourqoui Est Tu Devenue Si Raisonable ? Everyone thinks he looks daft ? Twin Peaks Theme ? Nobody's twisting your arm ? Granadaland ? Hmmmmm......
  7. Sorry for the late post, but if you're in the Leeds area and like punk / emo / hardcore then you're not going to find a better day out - 11 bands for £6
  8. kilgore


    Gah, blindSummit have split up - our singer decided to call it a day ... pressures of work and two young children being the main reasons. No hard feelings from anyone. We will not be recruiting a new singer, but are considering continuing as a three piece, with either a bluesey feel or going down the Mogwai route. So we may still be at Leeds '05 :angry:
  9. So, finally saw The Bluetones.... well impressed. Also, why did no-one tell me the band was comprised of four pairs of siamese twins ? Well, they are .... how else can you account for me being able to see eight people on stage for the whole gig ? Ah, Stella.... Can remember Slight Return & Bluetonic, fell over twice and caught the beer scooter back to the hotel via a short cut according to the missus (amazing since I don't know Northampton at all) The Roadmender is a top venue too
  10. kilgore


    We've been better :-/ Unfortunately, the first band (Scandalous) turned out to be very, VERY good - doing covers like us but much more rock and metal orientated. They did Ace Of Spades, Sweet Leaf, Won't Get Fooled Again and loads more .... but did them amazingly well. Consequently, we were very nervous and put in a below-average performance which, after Scandalous, made us look really shit Then I stood on Yorkshire Bone's sequencer as I was packing my drums up and thought I'd broke it so I threw a hissy-fit Other than that it went well We're undeterred though and getting moving with rehersals and a thinned-down set early in the new year
  11. Indeed it is.... but Mrs K and I have 3 days off work together so we're dictated to by the dates. I got the 'tones tickets mainly because she loves them and it's her "reward" for being dragged to see Girlschool the night before
  12. Still waiting for tickets for Northampton.... Looking forward to finally seeing them
  13. kilgore


    Ta I'll report back after the gig. Stoke's way too far for us (and too scary) ;p
  14. kilgore


    *bumpage* as gig is now a week tomorrow, and there's a line-up update Who: Yorkshire Bone blindSummit Scandalous Where: Leeds Pack Horse (Woodhouse Moor) When: Thursday 18th November. Doors @ 8pm. Cost: Free Come and see the mighty 'summit murder some of your all-time favourites, including our latest additions "New Rose" and "Train In Vain"
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