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  1. Biffy Clyro. Aint he Scottish? or is it just that he's not talented ?
  2. We never have any gigs up here in Derby...grrr. But then again i suppose we're too close to Nottingham for it to be worth it.
  3. oooh you're lucky your not sat across a table from me matey!!!
  4. as the title says... would help alot if anyone could post this for me...pretty please!
  5. I saw em at Birmingham academy and quite franly Maximo Park out performed em, tim efor them to have a change of tack i think...
  6. devil-stick


    I went to see em on 21st Oct at the Rescue Rooms in Notts and so it was a really small venue, they were ace!! not sure how they would be at a larger venue. Also saw them at an HMV gig in Birmingham last year which was quite different!
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