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  1. Camden's Electric Ballroom (clickety) is due to close in the not too distant. This is a real shame, coz - sleazy little dump though it is :( - it's a pretty decent venue, but it looks like it won't escape the redevelopment of Camden Town tube station.

    There's a petitionny thing on their website against its demolition, but sadly it looks like its days are numbered.

    So does anyone else care? The place has a great history, and it usuallly has a pretty good atmosphere... seems to me that it would be a real shame to see it go :(.

  2. I've just, in the last few months, done something a bit daft and accidentally ended up moving to Leatherhead in Surrey. It's only a temporary thing, probably only for another 6 months or so - but I was wondering if anyone around these parts knew of any venues which might have bands. I know there are lots of (shit :() clubs in Guildford, and there's probably a few in Epsom - but no live music venues that I've come across.

    I can still go to my usual places in London, but there must be something a little closer to home which might have the odd band. Doesn't have to be anything big, usual pub band fare would be fine, and the smokier and grubbier the better! Just in case I want something to do of an evening that doesn't involve staring at the flippin' Internet :(.

    So... anyone?

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