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  1. Sporks - half spoon, half fork. Not much use at a gig, but if you were a band needing both a spoon AND a fork in a small dressing room - bingo! Sporks are the coolest thing in rawk.
  2. Bands do need some sort of visual signature - I can't wait to get gigging with my band, got a whole collection of rather loud trousers on the go, even if people go away not knowing our name, they'll still remember "that band with the bassist who has a dodgy taste in trousers", but smashing guitars is stupid. If you're going to go with something, make it a visual signature that people will remember, I've seen loads of bands just throw their guitars to the floor afterwards and I can't remember them all. What does that say?
  3. I was told that Colin McIntyre (Mull Historical Society) got a very small turn-out in Dundee, and so did Cord a few months back. People turn out for local bands which is good, but some of the big names aren't getting the crowds they should. I don't think that it's beer or fags - it's that with the gig being so popular and there being so many, people can't always afford to go to them all, so some suffer. It's always the smarter non-NME indie bands like Idlewild, MHS that suffer as they don't have the hype.
  4. That's the thing - we don't celebrate or care about our best bands. Idlewild are to many extents the greatest Scottish band of all time, yet they're tucked away on a minor label. Our best rock acts are shoved away on tiny little labels playing support slots in little venues, whilst anything that begs to get played by Jo Whiley (In commercial new music we trust, people) is celebrated. A few "doo doo doo doo"s are heralded as amazing. Dykeenies? Pish. Fratellis? Don't make me laugh. Franz Ferdinand? The eighties were fucking shite the first time around.
  5. I mean come on, our last two bands that are decent are Idlewild and Mogwai. Idlewild have become a cult band who can't break into the top 20 albums on their week of release, and now Mogwai have been surpassed well and truly by Sigur Ros after the wonder that is Takk. Fratellis? Pah, rubbish. The View? Emperors new clothes. Franz Ferdinand? Formulaic at best. When on earth are we going to break out of the verse/bridge/chorus/verse/bridge/chorus/guitar solo/chorus/chorus/end mould? Where's our Deerhoofs?
  6. This is Roddy Woomble of Idlewilds pet project, released on Chemikal Underground records. He's teamed up some of Scotlands top writers and poets (including Ian Rankin, Edwin Morgan, Bill Duncan), with some of the best musicians in Scotland (including Foxface, Malcolm Middleton, Karine Polwart, Idlewild, Aidan Moffet etc) - the writers/poets write some lyrics, it's passed over to the band and they make a song with those lyrics. I really like the album - a couple of tracks don't work (King Creosotes is very disappointing), but it's quite a good listen overall. Foxface are fantastic as ever, like a folk-rock Coral.
  7. British for me. We do showmanship right - as soon as you get into big pretentious Rush-style drum solos and wanky guitar frettery, it's dull. Looking at the likes of Muse, The Who etc. we can do big rock just as well - but without deviating from what the music is supposed to be (take note RHCP). There's such a thing as too much effort - though too many American bands haven't realised this yet. Rule Britannia!
  8. To be honest - they're disappointing live! Seen them in a really intimate 180 capacity venue later on last year, and they bored me a bit - the emo/metal kids down the front seemed to like it, but the rest of us were just wondering what the hype was about. Maybe they've gotten better, but even in the smallest of places, it didn't sound very good!
  9. Watched the JD Set with The View on Channel 4 a few nights ago - what a lot of shit they talk about the Dundee scene. Apparently they stood out because of the DIY gig mentality which nobody else in Dundee does - unlike a lot of local people in bands who also put on band nights for the love of music and not the money (often 1/2 signed bands and 2-3 unsigned local bands for £3-4). Apparently as well live shows in Dundee didn't sell out either before the View came along. They're as much full of rubbish as they are full of themselves, and their live shows are awful, no charisma from their lead "singer" - I don't know why their bassist isn't lead vocalist, he can't sing either but he has some charisma and personality to his voice, that "Skag Trendy" for me is their one good song.
  10. I love Fattys, but only for the 70s/80s floor, many a good night spent up there Might check out this night though.
  11. As they're from my native Dundee, I'm going to comment fairly: In terms of the Dundee scene, they're pretty average. Plenty better bands in Dundee, just they didn't pimp themselves to the NME
  12. Fionn Regan is supporting Damien Rice on his four-date mini-tour in March - I love his music, but never really heard much about him personally - does anyone have any info?
  13. 1 - Idlewild 2 - Jesus & Mary Chain 3 - Josef K
  14. Your top three please. Here's mine: 3 - The Subways (+Alamos, Sucioperro), Dundee Westport Bar, April (?) 2005, £6 The day after the release of "Oh Yeah", was a tiny 200 capacity venue, right at the very front, no barrier, stage is a foot high, literally about a foot and a half away from Charlotte. Great set, and sneaked up and seen the soundcheck consisting of all the singles and some album tracks with 6-7 people in the room. Got to love shit security (Yeah, we're with the support band). Sucioperro opened, were awesome, Alamos were second, they were god awful. 2 - Shitdisco (+State of Affairs, Trash Superstar), £6 (I think), Dundee Reading Rooms, April 2006 A hell of a gig. Most people were dancing really badly, great fun. Opening band State of Affairs were great too, shame about Trash Superstar. At least they're honest about themselves. 1 - The Zico Chain (+ Pheonix For The Flame, State of Affairs), £4, Arbroath Viewfield, April 2006 I've never, ever seen a venue react for a small band they way they did, about halfway through the first song (the single Rohypnol), literally every single person was jumping or moshing or dancing non-stop, stupidly loud, the band just got better and better as the crowd cheered louder, afterwards they spent ages chatting to the fans, words cannot describe how good it was. Had seen them supporting Nine Black Alps before, thought they were very good, but then seen this, and I'm convinced that they're going to end up in arenas. Unbelievably good.
  15. Answered my own question, they're only available from the box office, 01224 642230. Tickets are £15, £10 for students/other concessions.
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