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  1. And another Dream Machine gig coming up on 22 May 2009 at DNE, 21-23 Smyth Street, Wakefield Phone: 01924378693 Quote: Psychedelic, progressive rock band Dream Machine play live at the DNE in Wakefield - amazingly, Dream Machine's first gig in Yorkshire.....so catch them while you can! Support is provided by Monster Killed by Laser. Dream Machine are an exciting instrumental progressive space rock collective, featuring members from various well-known psychedelic groups, such as Ozric Tentacles, Thunderdogs, Here and Now and Zubzub. Their latest album, "The Castle of a Thousand Universes", was released to wide-acclaim and will be performed on the night, along with some old favourites!
  2. Hiya, I'm fine, thanks for asking, just very busy with the nipper, he's 10 months old now, and very mobile! We just got back from the Cosmic Puffin, his first proper festival, we all enjoyed it very much. Fingers crossed for good weather at this year's Glastonbury, we want to take him there too. Hope all is well in the wild wild West! K
  3. Apart from the the Brixton Jamm gig on 27/03, already mentioned in an extra thread, DreamMachine are also booked to play the 2nd Cosmic Puffin Festival (Easter). See link http://www.cosmicpuffin.co.uk/
  4. .... and a new ZubZub album, named The Powers That Beeb will be available from 1st August. Quote from another website: This album finds the group moving up a gear, both in terms of covering a breadth of new musical ground and being a more focused dancefloor-filler than the previous 2 outings. The new album is also a more band-oriented production, with the current line-up having gelled over the last two-years, through extensive performance on the live circuit - performances that have drawn rave reviews and a solid and cosmopolitan fanbase. "The Powers That Beep" is finding a wide-audience, as it twists and turns its way through a myriad electronica and dance styles, but with the continuity of the distinctive Zubzub vibe and sound weaving it together in to a cohesive whole. Its available for pre-order now, just visit our profile at www.reverbnation.com/zubzub and click on "Store" for links to retailers where you can order it We hope you enjoy it!
  5. The new Dream Machine cd is finally available for pre-order, see here: www.dreammachineonline.co.uk or www.mychoonz.co.uk
  6. Dream Machine are also playing the solstice event at Pullens Yard, Elephant and Castle, South London, tomorrow. 2.00-10.00pm, and the whole event is free!
  7. ZubZub will be playing on Sunday, 20/4, at the Water Rats theatre, Kings Cross, London. More info on festival appearances to come soon....
  8. ......and another morsel of info that might interest some people round here: Joie Hinton recently quit Eat Static. But Merv will continue to perform live, on his own.
  9. First ZubZub gig of the New Year (unless you are counting their New Year's Eve set at Tribe of Frog as the first of 2008) will be on Friday 8th Feb at The Fawcett Inn, Portsmouth.
  10. Think this is a bootleg production of some kind, certainly haven't heard anything official about it. More discussion about it over here: http://ozrics.proboards85.com/index.cgi?bo...read=1199287262 Ed and company are planning on releasing the Sunrise DVD this year. That would be an official release.
  11. Tsssk, I go on holiday for a few weeks and it is all change again! The 23/11 gig is not going ahead now (promoter pulled out), and the CD being finished before Christmas is no longer certain..... sorry, 5co77ie, I'll keep you posted.
  12. Corrections and updates: ZubZub will be playing "Little Green Planet" in Vauxhall, South London on 24/11, the Tribe of Frog gig in Bristol will be after Christmas. Also, the Marquee gig (Covent Garden) has moved from 2/11 to 23/11. Well, at least it is still on, unlike the 9/11 Fawcett Inn gig, that will not go ahead because the venue closed down recently. On the up side, a Dream Machine cd full of completely new material should available before Christmas! Fingers crossed......
  13. Cheers, Flip. Sounds like a good start to the Christmas week for Northerners. And there is more good gig news, ZubZub are also booked to play: Sat 27th Oct - Cabbage Club, Leeds Fri Nov 2nd - Marquee, Covent Garden Fri 9th Nov - Fawcett Inn, Portsmouth Sat 24th Nov - Tribe Of Frog, Bristol Busy bees!
  14. Review and pictures of Waveform can be found here: http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/wave...-overview.shtml
  15. Great performance at Waveform, and more good news - Dream Machine should have a CD with new material out before Christmas. (honest, they've promised!!!) Plus ZubZub are booked to play the next Synergy event (5/10) at SeOne (the nightclub under London Bridge station). More detail and tics at : www.thesynergyproject.org
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