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  1. Well we've been there haven't we. But a new kid on the mediocre venue block is the west Leeds liberal club recently liberated from the hands of a antideluvian club comittee. the room can hold 300 - no probs! and the stage is large airy and with good acoustics. the space has a really nice subdued atmosphere and it wouldn.t be a problem with 300 quid to redecorate and get the decore into a more acceptable state. as I write the moor music festival fundraiser is under way and there are are 25 bands coming together in a really brilliant and cooperative manner to get the moor music festy on again! Belive me this is the best tthing thats happend on the leeds scene since The who played leeds uni. so the best venue in leeds is in ILKLY !!
  2. Your all right but the fact remains that a larger gig space would also allow other music genres in to the city and allow the piano competion a world stage that reflects its importance. its a disgrace to leeds an insult to the people and a shame on the local authority. an independent venue space would be ideal at the defunct international pool area, centrally placed and accsessible to the station and new supertram.
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