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  1. going fri(stoke) and sunday(brum) cant wait
  2. i love the acadamy, and its got a great rough pub next door
  3. rage aginst the machine muse bjork radiohead dylan
  4. lucky bugger..never seen green day at one fo there own gigs only at a festie scratchy
  5. neil brum acad 2 is actully in the birmingham acadamy. its is in a side room, with a capacity of around 300 to 400 people. any other info u need pm me. the bar acadamy is next door to the birmingham acad. scratchy
  6. think they sold out porrtchy
  7. rugeley here, soon to b stafford next few weeks. was in newcastle for lots of drinks few weeks ago. scratchy
  8. west mids here to, well to be precise staffordshire... some decent venues in the mids, for example brum acad 1 and 2 brum bar acad wolverhampton civic wolverhampton wulfren wolverhampton little civic wolverhampton varsity stoke sugarmill dudley jb's rugeley red rose to name a few scratchy
  9. reckon it will be there final ever gig to.... scratchy
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