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  1. Sparticus


    anyone got a spare for manchester?
  2. i was meant to see them at summer sundae, got a bit hammered though and when i tried to get in it was full
  3. heard people on arctic monkeys forum namechecking these guys for ages, but didn't look into it since they all seem to change their favourite band every five minutes, liking the sound of man i hate your band, might go check out milburn now.
  4. think the white stripes are getting too much stick here, saw them on thursday and was overwhelmed. They are smart to stick to venues like manc apollo and blackpool empress ballroom, because although they sell out very quickly, they are the right size venue for the band.
  5. does anyone know the capacity of each academy? Going to academy 2 for the first time on monday to watch nine black alps, arctic monkeys and forward russia.
  6. went to the 2nd july show, amazing
  7. at the lccc it was a lot of the newer stuff, i missed idlewild but zutons were ace, and feeder were alright for tumble and fall, buck rogers and just a day. As for rem, what can you say, ace.
  8. Sparticus


    i was at the manc gig, loved every second of it, the highlight was with or without you as they hadn't been playing it a lot
  9. nice one, i'm going to a house party though instead
  10. looks like i'm ognna have to pay ebay prices
  11. Sparticus


    could be godzilla (that's the heaviest feeder track i know of)
  12. only been going to gigs since oct 04, but i still keep my ticket stubs
  13. Can i have your ticket if you can't go since i can go on 31st
  14. Sparticus


    I would have given you a fiver lol, this guy had a spare ticket at franz ferdinand back in october, and gave it to a homeless guy when the touts offered him £2.50 (that's rock 'n' roll)
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