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  1. title description pretty much says it all
  2. zzebedee


    I can't understand why they chose to re-release cash machine, the album has much better tracks to choose from
  3. zzebedee

    Chris Rea

    My girlie is going to the manc gig .... with her mum. He is a bit easy listening but he's done plenty of good songs and that he is a brilliant guitar player can't be denied. Also, he's been forced to retire after this tour due long term to bad health.
  4. Vastly overpriced, i'll be watching ebay in the days leading up to the gig
  5. If you get the chance to see this band, take it. Fookin brilliant. Saw em tonight at the boardwalk in sheffield. Managed to stay at the front for the whole gig (slightly battered), brilliant atmosphere and the smears of blood on my back weren't mine which is always a bonus - these lads deserve big things (and i'm not biased because they're from sheff the same as me) Anywho - deffo worth a look (playing in manc this satdi which i may be able to attend to to having a fortuitously located girlfriend - also playing the leeds fest this weekend). I'm sure it won't be long before they get offered decent support slots
  6. zzebedee


    U2, Manchester, 14th June Awesome. £20 for the tshirts though??? Rip off bastards
  7. I saw wm in manc last night, quite impressed (i'm a non fan btw - went cos our lass likes em)
  8. I just had a look on the kasabian site - nothing official on there but someone in the forums got through to the venue and the tour is going ahead as planned. Apparently it was just a plastic bottle of water. If it was full i suppose it could stun you or the cap could cut you but it's hardly likely to be serious
  9. i just picked up an extra manchester ticket from ebay for £14.50 which i think is well worth it.
  10. just got back from the sheff gig awesome cant wait for next weekend
  11. zzebedee

    New Order

    sounds good to me also. anyone know if they're touring? they are on at t in the park this year but are clashing with the foos so unless one of em tours im gonna have a bit of a quandry
  12. zzebedee


    blimey, is 50p all those tossers pay? i was there at manc on the saturday excellent gig
  13. I'll be at manchester AND sheffield, initially got tickets to manchester (with the gf)then a mate wanted to go so bought tickets from ebay for that one (before oh my god came out so didnt have to pay a fortune) probably seeing em at T in the park too hope i like em :|
  14. [bah, they changed the date of the manchester gig, can't go now
  15. saw them in manchester and seeing them at T in the park this year. if there's a tour i'm there
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