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  1. how about going to the showcase j27 the very bottom car park thats never got any cars normally or staples car park just behind tesco on canal rd bfd a650???
  2. You are more than welcome to come to any of our meetings. Where in N london did you live before?
  3. gedthemull I still have the ticket - but Ill have to post it as Im not able to get to Manchester. Please PM me your e-mail or summat if you still want it. Let me know either way if you can. Thanks.
  4. well lets start discussing that.. Sunday works for most people. we usually have it the sunday of thanksgiving weekend. but i think this year we should have it sooner. Late November is too cold. Im thinking the last sunday in October... opinions comments?
  5. I guess I am one too then, because I think Ben Folds is incredibly talented. I like his stuff both with Ben Fold’s Five and his solo stuff. I too have liked them since high school.
  6. I like how everyone calls Nsync and the Backstreet Boys gay, but when we were kids, they were the 2 most listened to bands of our time. Really dont see what changed about them other than they stopped recording for a while and the other split up.
  7. I land on the 14th but I might be shattered for a few days. Hopefully catch up with you all over Christmas before I go home again. Jim
  8. so do you get a ticket or not??? Also do we take out Dicovery cove tickets or the confirmation letter ? Thanks for the advice guys and gals x
  9. forgive my ignorance but what exactly have norwich failed to do/said to be omitted from this seasons competition???????????????????
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