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  1. There is a thread on here re top five bands seen live, what about one for the top five tribute bands (we have tribute bands at the veune I promote, Tropic At Ruislip) - be interesting to see what folk think. For my money I would have (as a fan - nothing else!!!) 1) The Mods 2)The Floyd Effect 3) Dizzy Lizzy 4) AC DC UK (was called touch2much) 5) Who's Who/Rollin Stoned (tie)
  2. Just to let all know there is a new music venue in west London called Tropic At Ruislip. In the reviews section on this site there is one for Los Pacaminos where we have been misplaced in Stanmore, we are in Ruislip, close to Ruislip tube and bus station, admission at £10 or thereabouts, and we are every Friday night. Check out our web site at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk . If you have been already let me know.
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