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  1. Not in any order Slash Hendrix The Edge Matt Bellemy Johnny Marr James Dean Bradfield Ritchie Blackmoore Paul Simon Stone Gossard George Harrison
  2. try typing http://www.egigs.co.uk/forums'>http://www.egigs.co.uk/forums instead of just http://www.egigs.co.uk
  3. macky

    The Tubes

    There were always embarrassing but bloody good, one of the best live bands around in their day. That reminds me…I must put my ‘Prime Time’ multicolored vinyl on eBay
  4. macky


    I would not be surprised if Keane announced a tour next spring in larger venues before they start recording the second album. Judging by the success of ‘Hope and Fears’ promoters may even tackle the arenas
  5. macky


    Biggest gross in the world for their last tour in 2001, I know the tickets are not cheap but millions of people are willing to turn up and pay these prices suggesting that there’s a load of people who enjoy watching them live. There are well experienced on the live circuit having been at it for 25 years. Not forgetting their old fans they always dip into the back catalogue (including 8 number 1 albums) whilst on tour. ‘Disagree’ is hardly a debate now is it! In your opinion who’s a better live band? ….waits for an extremely large list
  6. What about Roundhay Park and Elland Road?
  7. Its OK its my fault i was pressing the 'reply' button instead of the 'add reply' button
  8. i don't know if its a bug in the software or it is meant to do it, but i have tried to reply to a post and it defaults to quoting the members post.
  9. Does anybody know the reason why this great little venue no longer seems interested in booking younger bands? The winter months always used to be a great time to see bands here: Blur Oasis Manics Verve Placebo Stones Roses The Smiths Charlatans The Cure and many more This winter sees The Saw Doctors and Status Quo , I know its council funded so does anybody work there or know why this is happening. It’s a 50 mile journey to the toon to see a decent band now.
  10. macky


    Right lets debate Pioneering band who break new ground with their musical diversity – No The best live band ever to grace the planet – Yes
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