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  1. ready_eddy123

    the angela test

    a fun site for everyone!! www.theangelatest.com game which matches your personality to a LEAVES SONG which you can listen to! you can enter to win a trip to iceland as well! i've entered so many times just to pass the time away try it - you may like it
  2. ready_eddy123

    the angela test

    i found a fun site courtesy of the LEAVES: www.theangelatest.com it matches your personality to a LEAVES song which you can listen to & you can even enter a draw to win a trip to ICELAND! now there's some icelandic fun
  3. ready_eddy123


    great visual band i had to tell as many people as i could as i saw them about a week or so ago at club nme in middlesbrough & apart from the fact that they were a lovely band to talk to, they really knew how to perform boxing gloves, top hats, bike helmets, masks, sunglasses - the works although they could be seen as freaky, they are a really cool arty band to check out www.redorganserpentsound.com if you like these, you may like CLOR & ART BRUT who are also really amazing art bands that i've seen in middlesbrough as well so they're worth checking out if you like RED ORGAN SERPENT SOUND (also known as ROSS)
  4. ready_eddy123

    top 5 live acts you've seen

    greenday the hives the others the distillers farse
  5. ready_eddy123


    which are everyone's fave acts to see at leeds/ reading fest if anyone's actually going? mine: incubus marilyn manson bloc party the others willy mason maximo park hot hot heat xxx
  6. ready_eddy123

    favourite bands/artists at the moment?

    i dont think i've heard of hurrincane party - maybe vaguely i like do me bad things - very interesting i love garbage's new song "why do you love me" and "bleed like me" is a nice one but i'm not too familiar with their old stuff not heard too much by the glitterati or the black velvets either i love the doves at the moment.....great album to work too as well (college work)
  7. ready_eddy123


    woah this topic is from LONGGGGG ago...i was going to post a doves topic...i may do anyway but under a different name considering no-one's answering to this & i want people to reply x
  8. again with my interest! what's everyone's favourite band or artist at the moment... mine is well...i have many... i still love bloc party and incubus...but they have no new stuff at the moment i have lots... what's yours xx
  9. ready_eddy123

    favourite songs

    adding more topics to my interest in other people's faves at the moment this is for songs!? xxx
  10. ready_eddy123

    top videos at the moment?

    hey just interested in people's favourite video's at the moment - i had a mtv2 day today you see to fill my time x
  11. ready_eddy123

    thee unstrung

    any one at the northumbria uni gig last night!? they played with agent blue and the others they're lovely lads thee unstrung are anyone want to join their mailing list!? they have a new song coming out called PSYCHO go to their site... www.theunstrung.co.uk to check out PSYCHO and CONTRARY MARY if you want to join their mailing list give me a shout at crazy_child123@hotmail.com as i am/was promoting them... if you don't want to email me but still want to join their mailing list then click on the bit on their site which says "join the mailing list click here to sign up" cheers steph x
  12. ready_eddy123

    the others northumbria gig!?

    anyone go to the northumbria gig last night with the others, agent blue and thee unstrung!? if you didn't you're silly! it kicked so much ass....! of course i was backstage for most of it promoting....
  13. ready_eddy123

    el presidente

    i'm not too keen on them but they have nifty songs...very catchy....what does everyone else think...? they're on their 3rd release now '100mph' or at least they have 3 songs on their site....
  14. ready_eddy123

    The Hives!

    i never saw hives on their tour but i did see them in leeds festival last year and oh god i couldnt breathe! i'd been quite near the front and as soon as they started playing i suffocated i had to move nearer the back! but it just proves how much people love them and how good playing live they are!
  15. ready_eddy123


    i was at the arena on feb 8th to see greenday....i can't say the sound was bad at all...amazing in fact but then again i was at the front...i thought it was a brilliant place considering i was a virgin visitor. a* in my view.