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  1. i've heard that it will probably be gym class heroes
  2. may do, ive got enough to cover people who havent fully made their minds up, watch this space (also, we need a drunken night in sheffield sometime)
  3. Manchester sold out already , just got my ticket in time
  4. Fall Out Boy tour the UK in January, tickets go onsale Friday, October 28 at 9am. 22nd Jan - Cardiff University 23rd Jan - Birmingham Academy 24th Jan - Leeds Met University 25th Jan - Glasgow Garage 27th Jan - Manchester Academy 2 28th Jan - Nottingham Rock City 29th Jan - Portsmouth Pyramids 30th Jan - London Astoria Leeds and Manc for me, manc being on my birthday
  5. here cant remember the june supports, was mentioned on punktastic.com ~A WORTHY EDIT~ OK here we are June Support: Fandangle September Support: The Matches
  6. for the american dates, very true. no idea if they'll join 80s matchbox in UK though
  7. both played leeds uni, but only mystery jets played sheff leadmill, which was better.
  8. this should answer the mystery of SOADs headliner
  9. sorry if this is annoying anyone, but i thought starting a fresh sheffield venue thread was stupid. so, if you dont mind, i'd like to use this one to compare sheffield venues. So far i've been to Casbah, Leadmill and Club Zero to see bands (though will be seeing Clutch at Corp soon) and would probably have to say that Club Zero was the best, although its a really small venue, and a larger band would probably not feel as at home in it, i felt the atmosphere was fantastic. i saw streetlight manifesto there, and met loadsa members of all three bands that night.
  10. and according to hot hot heats website theyre in mainland europe during the futureheads tour.
  11. but with the new album just over 2 weeks away you can expect more than byob and cigaro (and holy mountain, i assume thats a new un) to be played from it. could be doing with playing mind though.
  12. amazing gig. tomas was impressed at my ticket #1 and signed it, the lead singer of glueball saw phinius gage with me until i buggered off to the front because nobody else knew the words (ade later thanked me for singing along). i got streetlight bassists water bottle as well. fantastic
  13. Is this for certain. just that hot hot heat are playing sheffield leadmill on 29th april, and futureheads are playing it on 13th may.
  14. fuzz club rules nonetheless, but you get a decent band for no extra cost. fantastic. Hallam gets bugger all gig wise
  15. we originally booked catch it kebabs for the Whitby College sixth form leaving ball. until people complained that they werent appropriate ¬_¬ though you cant help but wonder why the kebabs were up for playing it in the first place.
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