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  1. Kings of Leon, wherever they play. ive seen them twice now and both times theyve bored me sensless...just seem to lack anything that makes a live band engaging.
  2. Not to put a dampner on the Refectrory but I do think its one of the worst venues around, specially for sold out gigs. as you say, its longs and thin which means getting to the bar takes ages...the bar is at the back of the venue where you stand under loads of fluorescent ligths, it kinda ruins the atmos.And theres loads of pillar round the edge which not only block the view but screw the acoustics up. the worst thing by far is the bogs. Theyre in the basement and it takes about 5 minutes to get to them! just keep them legs crossed instead! The Manc Acadamey is a really basic venue but far better, much wider with a cans bar in the actual venue. Leeds has gone down the pan for good size bands since the death of the T&C. I remember in one week years ago i saw Orbital, Primal Scream and Supergrass in the T&C....thats what leeds is lacking at the mo! Personally though i quite enjoy my trips across to Manc (from York), lots of drinking time on the train and the venues are close to Oxord Road station
  3. Ringo

    New Killers dates!

    Does anyone fancy swapping 3 tix for the manchester shows?? I have 3 tix for the friday but would prefer the saturday...can anyone help??
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