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  1. 1) Muse - Glasto 04 2) Oasis- Wembley 2000 3) Coldplay- MEN 03 4) MSP - MEN 02 5) Killers - last friday!
  2. jk1

    New Killers dates!

    Yeah the others are as you say! Should be a good show. Got mine for Manchester too, they're also playing on the 29th in Manchester too according to the killers mailing list
  3. jk1

    American HiFi

    You can get the full version at www.suprnova.org. I've had it ages not listened to it yet their first album was quality not too sure about the art of losing tho. From what i;ve heard of the new one it seems much poppyer?
  4. It seems to call just about everywhere including Manchester Academy 28/29th Jan Brixon 7/8th Feb Many other uni's around the countries, you can book on presale: http://www.seetickets.com/nmemaj/event.asp...005&filler1=nme Enjoy
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