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  1. Not sure if much of you on here are from The North East of scotland, but you may want to check out some of the gigs if your ever in aberdeen at Drummonds/moshulu/the Lemon Tree The bands i named, you can find on the interweb, but i think living up here that north east music is fairly exciting just now, its growing getting better all the time, i just dont read much about it in the press, and i think it should get a mention there ive vented
  2. Thats ok Neil, ill then have my Efests & Egigs for Glasto and all the other festies, i may use it for the Galsto World Cup Thanks for letting me know
  3. Is there Egigs T-shirts available, a have a few Efests ones, and im new on here, first post on gigs, and was wondering if i could buy some e gigs ones
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